Which categories of fireworks are permissible in the District of Columbia?

Sparklers less than 20 inches, torches, box fire, fountains, cones, dip sticks, non-poisonous snakes, paper novelty items, colored lights, and paper caps.

Which firework items are prohibited in the District of Columbia?

Exploding firecrackers or fireworks, including cherry bombs, salutes, Roman candles, floral shells, and artillery shells.

What actions can I take if I witness someone involved in the unauthorized use or sale of fireworks?

As a citizen of the District of Columbia, it is your duty to report the illegal use or sales of fireworks to the office of Marshals Fire DC at (202) 673-ARSON (2776) with immediate effect.

What are the consequences for using illicit fireworks?

Any person found engaging in the illegal possession or use of fireworks in the District of Columbia could face further prosecution, arrest, and/or penalties and fines of up to $1,000.

From whom should I purchase my fireworks?

Every resident in the District of Columbia should exclusively buy fireworks from an authorized seller.

Who should retailers buy fireworks from in order to sell them in the District of Columbia?

After May 25th, every year, you can get a list of authorized fireworks and distributors from the Office of the Fire Marshal. Only the products of an authorized seller, whose items have been evaluated by the Office of the Fire Marshal for selling in the city, should be bought by anyone who wants to purchase fireworks for sale in the District of Columbia.

Please be aware that the Office of the Fire Marshal will seize and destroy any unauthorized fireworks.

Which licenses are required for selling fireworks in Washington, D.C.?

Always ensure that you have all necessary permits and licenses on site. If a retailer is unable to present both permits when asked, the vendor will be closed and the firework products will be confiscated. In order to engage in the inspection and storage of fireworks, it is necessary for you to acquire a business license from DCRA and a permit from the DC Fire Marshal’s office as a retailer of fireworks in the District of Columbia.

Any individual desiring to vend fireworks in the District of Columbia must acquire two licenses.

The permit fee is $50. The Fire Marshal’s Office grants a fireworks permit after conducting a thorough examination of the location. Sellers are granted a retail license permit by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA).

What are the privileges I have as a retailer if my products are confiscated by the Fire Marshal’s office?

Merchants have the privilege to file an appeal with the Fire Marshal within a 30-day period following the confiscation of their merchandise.

What occurs to confiscated fireworks merchandise?

The unlawful fireworks items are demolished after a period of 30 days.