Final de la Super Bowl: resumen, resultado y estadísticas de Bengals vs Rams

The 56th edition of the Super Bowl is won by the Los Angeles Rams, and for the second consecutive season, the home team, not local, emerges victorious. A team that has overcome Beckham’s injury and a Kupp that appeared at the right moment achieves a well-deserved victory against the Cincinnati Bengals (20-23).

We’ll see you at the next Super Bowl. Thanks to everyone for following this global event with us. The exciting Super Bowl, which arrives here once again, was decided in the final moments of the clash, with a narration lasting 4:14 hours.

Cooper Kupp, Most Valuable Player

With two touchdowns, Cooper Kupp emerges as the Super Bowl MVP, we already know who he is as we await the NFL commissioner to present the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Rams. 4:10 hours.

They secure their second NFL ring after defeating (20-23) the Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams. The Los Angeles team will lift the Vince Lombardi trophy for the second time thanks to a great end of the game, in a tough match marked by Beckham’s injury and the defense of Von Miller and Donald.

Severe Burrow Illness

McVay becomes the youngest coach to conquer the Super Bowl. A action that could validate the second ring for the Rams. Aaron Donald grabs the Bengals’ drive to finish it, finding no clarity in the Bengals’ star in the attack.

Finally, Cooper Kupp appeared at 1:25 to score the needed goal, with clarity and no multiple attacks afterwards. Well, a touchdown can be worth a ring.

The controversy can define the final

1:38 remaining and still tied. They finally score a goal from the free kick. Kupp scores a good touchdown if the referees decide, while Kupp connects with Stafford.

The Time of Cooper Kupp

There are only 2 minutes remaining. The Rams have reached first and goal, all thanks to the strong connection between Stafford and Cooper Kupp, which has finally manifested in the game. The score is now tied at 3:43 on the clock.

The Two ‘Brains’ in Trouble

Burrow, whose knee seems to be more inclined, has serious problems finding his receivers and does not seem to have clarity of ideas, while Stafford does not find sensations and the game ends in seven minutes less. It is currently 3:33.

Now it is Burrow who raises the alarms.

Will he return to the field? Joe Burrow leaves the field limping after a sack, making a very ugly gesture with his right knee. The Bengals can’t afford to lose their offensive weapon and there are only 12 minutes left for the final.

The Cincinnati team arrives leading in the scoreboard and wants to continue with the statistics, having won the last 14 Super Bowl games. The Bengals are blowing up the final defense, even if nothing is fixed. The last 15 minutes of the season in the NFL. The fourth quarter begins.

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Stafford’s ankle puts the final in jeopardy

Stafford Matt, after Von Miller’s spectacular defensive play, leads the Rams’ final offensive drive by returning to the field despite ankle discomfort.

Beckham will not return to the game and the Rams are starting to suffer.

It’s 3:04. The Los Angeles Rams have announced that Odell Beckham Jr will not return to the game, and the Angelinos are accumulating problems with Cooper Kupp’s discomfort. The Rams’ offensive line blocks were broken by D.J. Reader, who sacked Matthew Stafford for a loss of six yards.

Stafford saves a difficult third down and the Rams save the furniture with a field goal that tightens the scoreboard.

The Bengals dominate the game with their Now attack and turn the clash around to take a seven-point lead. The final has changed. How amazing it is to see the Rams’ ability to react.

The referees have missed it, as Ramsey grabs Higgins by the helmet, which should have been a touchdown if it is argued. Higgins and Burrow take the lead for the Bengals for the first time after a connection between them! What a way to start the third quarter.

¡Comienza el espectáculo del descanso!

The responsible artists are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, with rumors of more surprises on the stage of the SoFi Stadium. One of the highlights of the Super Bowl begins: the halftime show.

And we already have the first one with the entrance on stage of 50 Cent.

Las apuestas están altas al final de la primera mitad.

Meanwhile, we continue to await news of Odell Beckham. For the second half, the Bengals have left everything to be decided and have gotten into the game, awakening after an initial encounter in which the Rams seemed to have everything under control.

Observa todas las cifras del juego durante el descanso.

1:45 horas. Matt Stafford se queda sin opciones y lanza un pase a 40 yardas, pero su pase es interceptado por Bates.

Big Whit is 40 years old. Andrew Whitworth, the Rams’ offensive tackle, is the first player in Super Bowl history who surpasses the age of the two coaches. Fun fact: Dato

The alarms go off with Beckham

Old ghosts awaken and old ghosts awaken. The Louisiana receiver comes from having torn his ACL the previous season, but his left knee seems to have had enough. Odell Beckham Jr receives a ball, bad news for the Rams!

There is a game. McPherson converts the extra point. Burrow connects with Higgins for the first touchdown of the game, and Mixon, the quarterback, decides to give a pass back. What a play on the scoreboard! The Bengals are already in the game! 1:33 hours.

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The crash statistics consulted here show that the Bengals have started tuning in to Chase and Burrow, especially with their first-choice goal and their longest attack.

The Cincinnati Bengals start their return to see the offensive stop in the final moment and fail to sum two or more points in an attempt to play against the Los Angeles Rams. Cooper Kupp scores the first touchdown in the final play! Video available at 1:20 hours.

At 1:17 hours, the second half begins and it does so with another great reception from Odell Beckham Jr. Stafford has picked up the pace for the final and he does so accompanied by the Rams’ star signing. Right now, the Los Angeles team is showing superiority over their rival.

Termina el primer período

In the fourth quarter of the last game, Bell Vonn brought him down, but Akers Cam and the Rams ran after the kickoff, resulting in a touchback after 1:13 hours.

The Bengals differentiate themselves by cutting more. They score one and secure the playoffs with 12 conversions. McPherson Money is sure to bet on, of course. The Bengals have opted for a field goal by Miller Von after a great defensive action, 1:11 hours into the game.

The Burrowers begin to emerge!

1 hour and 8 minutes. What an impressive reception by Chase and what an exceptional pass by Burrow. The prodigious youngster begins to showcase his throwing ability. What an extraordinary pass!

A collision between ‘children’

While Sean McVay (36) and Zac Taylor (38) are two of the youngest coaches to face off in a Super Bowl, Stafford continues to complete all of his passes.

A Super Bowl for the history books

The Rams are preparing for their new offensive while we provide a fact: it is the first time in history that two quarterbacks from teams with losing records during the regular season, Joe Burrow (12-13-1) and Matt Stafford (86-95-1), are facing each other in a Super Bowl.

First touchdown of the Super Bowl!

The Rams convert the extra point. The Rams chose him as their star player, a phenomenal talent who has showcased his immense skills and why the Rams chose him as their star player. Stafford’s pass has found the Rams’ star player, what an incredible reception by Odell Beckham Jr!

Cooper brings the Rams closer to the first points of the Super Bowl.

The reason why Kupp Cooper’s first demonstration is a big star party is because he has managed to advance on his way, leaving several defenses behind, and Stafford connects with him.

The Bengals’ initial attack also fails

44 minutes.

He doesn’t complete the first down, but in the next two plays he prefers the run. The great phenomenon of this Super Bowl is why he shows it in the first pass. Also, the wonder boy of the Bengals, Joe Burrow, enters the game a bit nervous, it’s his turn.

The Bengals’ defense starts biting

The Cincinatti team has started the clash with a spectacular play by Henderson, completing the defensive act. Hendrickson has come out with the knife between his teeth, showing the teeth of the defense and making the first contact.

Stafford’s brief pass secures a fresh set of downs 1 & 10 as the Rams advance from the 25-yard line in the pivotal game of the year in American athletics!

‘The Rock’ leading character before the game

Who better than Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, former American football player and movie star, to kick off this global event as the best host?

El himno nacional de Estados Unidos suena

The five squadrons of fighter jets, accompanied by a squadron of Los Ángeles de cielo, are always spectacularly soaring through the forces of the southern sky. Guyton Mickey, performing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, the American anthem, is already heard on the field, both teams at 0:19.

What time does the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show start?

The Spanish time is 2.00, which would indicate that it is the start after 90 minutes of rest, but there is no fixed time for the event. The show’s average time generates a lot of anticipation, and it’s not just a sports event, it’s the whole Super Bowl. The Spanish time in Los Angeles is 17:00.

¿Quiénes participan en el espectáculo del entretiempo del Super Bowl LVI?

For the first time in history, rap and hip hop will be in charge of the halftime show. The responsible artists are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, with rumors of more surprises on the stage of the SoFi Stadium.

Two Completely Different Styles

Los Angeles has mortgaged its future to assemble multiple superstars and win the championship this very season.