Final Jeopardy: Plays (11-21-22)

The January 12, 1864 Washington Evening Star reported on a performance of this “dashing comedy” to “a full and delighted house”

In the sixth match of Tournament 2022, the contestants are Sam Buttrey, an associate professor conducting research operations in Pacific Grove, Andrew He, a software developer from San Francisco, and Amy Schneider, a writer from Oakland.

Categories: First Round – Numeric Expressions – Authors & Their Literature – Movements – Shortened Occupations – Athletics – Embracing the Era of the New Millennium.

That was INCORRECT. Sam wagered “the highest amount” and selected Baldwin. He held the second position with $2,600, $1,600 lower than Andrew who was in first place. Sam discovered the Jeopardy! Round Daily Double in “Authors & Their Literary Works” under the $800 hint on the 10th selection of the round.

Left unfinished at his death, “Juneteenth”, his second novel, was published in 1999. show

All clues were displayed. Sam came in third place with $1,400. Following him was Andrew, who had $5,800 and took the lead. Amy finished with $6,400, leading the pack.

Featuring Cream Cheese – Hegel – “P.J.”S – Let’s Calculate – Movies by Slogan – Water Bodies – Round 2 Categories.

He was correct and Sam wagered his $2,000 allowance. Sam discovered the initial Daily Double in the category “Bodies of Water” beneath the $1,200 clue on the first selection. He found himself in the trailing position with $1,400 at present, trailing Amy’s leading score by a margin of $5,000.

The Komandorski Islands are part of a 1,200-mile arc separating this sea from the Pacific Ocean to the south. show

Sam, who had $7,000, placed second with less than $1,000 behind Amy. He correctly answered the clue for $1,600 under the category “Films by Tagline” in the last Double Daily.

2021: “Every family has its own language” show

All hints were revealed. Sam came in third place with $8,000, while Andrew followed with $14,200. Amy secured the lead with $15,600.

BOTH of the participants answered Final Jeopardy! Correctly.

What is the play “Our American Cousin”?

On January 13, 1864, the performance of “Lyons of Lady” at Bowers’ D.P. Mrs. Was the last performance of the play at that time, as evidenced by the mentioning blurb on the front page of the Evening Star’s old editions. You can browse these editions to truly see. The play, entitled “Our American Cousin,” a dashing comedy by Tom Taylor, was played to a delighted and full house at Ford’s Theatre on the previous evening. You will find a specific mention of it under the “Local News” heading in the first column of the edition dated January 12, 1864, on page 3 of the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America subdomain.

The performance of “Our American Cousin” last night was a long time coming. It was quite a shock when Booth, playing the role of our cousin, leaped onto the stage and shouted “semper tyrannis.” The audience quickly turned from shock to laughter as they witnessed this particularly funny scene. While the audience howled with laughter, John Wilkes Booth, sneaked into the Presidential Box and shot President Lincoln in the head. This tragic event took place on April 14, 1865, the year following our last performance.

Sam thought of Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend”. He wagered and lost his entire $8,000.

Andrew nailed it. He increased his score by $2,801 and ended up with $17,001.

Amy emerged as the triumphant recipient of the $250,000 grand prize in the 2022 Tournament of Champions, securing herself the highly sought-after third checkmark. By placing a $13,000 wager, she clinched victory with a total of $28,600. Meanwhile, Andrew and Sam walked away with $100,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Final Jeopardy (11/21/2022) Amy Schneider, Andrew He, Sam Buttrey

A threefold stumper from every round:.

MOVIES BY SLOGAN ($800) 1986: “Innocence is the first victim of war”.

This parsley cousin, which is one of the 4 traditional fines herbes, is incorporated to transform cream cheese mayonnaise into sauce Parisienne, with cream cheese priced at $2000.

Additional hints can be found on Page 2.

2 years ago: Only ONE of the participants correctly answered this Final Jeopardy clue in the category “18th Century Americans”.

One eulogizer of this man noted, he “was able to restrain thunderbolts & tyrants” show

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