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The Final Jeopardy question for today (2/13/2023) in the category “Vocabulary from World War I” was:.

“Cistern” & “reservoir” were suggested names for a secret invention, but the British preferred this less clumsy monosyllable

In the previous week, Mira Hayward, an author from Portland, OR, emerged as the victor, claiming a prize of $37,000 as a two-time champion. For Game 3, Kendra Westerhaus, a certified psychologist from Pocatello, ID, and Jeff Paine, a former military officer from Colorado Springs, CO, will be competing against her.

Round 1 Categories: First Lady Firsts – Brest, Budapest & Bucharest – Logos – Party On! – TV Catchphrases – Word History.

He was correct, and he wagered $1,000. Although Jeff had no money, Kendra had a lead of $1,000. Jeff discovered the clue for $600 under the category “Word History” in the Double Jeopardy! Round, which was the 6th pick of the round.

Reviewing a murder mystery in 1930, Donald Gordon coined this inquisitive 3-words-in-one word for a detective story show

Kendra finished in the lead with $5,800. Mira was second with $5,600 and Jeff was last with $5,000. All clues were shown.

Bob Dylan’s song lyrics, a unit of measurement, airports named after individuals, the study of plants, titles starting with the letter “N”, advertisements for attorneys on billboards, and the second set of categories in a competition.

Kendra, who was correct, wagered $2,000. She finished in second place with less than $600,000, earning $7,000. Mira, on the other hand, finished in a position higher than second. In the category “They’re ‘N’ Titled” during the Double Daily round, Kendra discovered the clue worth $1,200, which was the fifth pick.

Author Richard Wright played the role of Bigger Thomas in a 1951 film based on this novel of his show

Kendra made a correct decision and placed a bet of $3,000. Mira, who was in second place, had $600 fewer than Kendra, with a leading amount of $15,000. Following that, with 2 clues remaining, Kendra encountered the final Daily Double in the category “Bob Dylan Lyrics” under the clue worth $1,600.

Singing about this comic who died in 1966: “He didn’t commit any crime, he just had the insight to rip off the lid before its time” show

Kendra finished in the lead with $18,000. Mira was second with $14,800 and Jeff was last with $13,000. All clues were shown.

BOTH of the participants answered Final Jeopardy! Correctly.


The word “tank” was first employed in the conference report draft of the new sense of time. That night, it was remembered and appealed to us as being likely to catch on. The monosyllabic “tank” in his memoirs, Swinton wrote, was rejected as a turn in the creation of a new official name. The conference further convened at this time, happy with the task of finding an official name for the new creation. On December 28, 1915, they were now on the verge of becoming a reality: he called the gigantic machines he conjured up “Land Ironclads” in a short story published in the 1903 Strand magazine by H.G. Wells. In relation to the clue, here’s a pertinent part of the review: Major-General Sir Ernest Dunlop wrote a memoir by the name of “The Genesis of the Tank,” including certain phases of the Great War and his personal eyewitness reminiscences. Peter Wollen wrote a review of the progress of the “Tank: a Monstrous War Machine” in 2000, which covers a lot of ground.

The armored, tracked vehicles were initially referred to as “tanks” and Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Dally Jones is credited with initiating their use. The article on Major General Wikipedia also mentions that Swinton is apparently the one who coined the new name, although.

Jeff was correct. He risked everything and doubled his score to $26,000.

Following that, she suffered a defeat in her $4,000 wager and ended up with $10,800; however, she merely mentioned that she wouldn’t jot down “tank,” whereas Mira documented “water.”

In addition, Kendra accurately predicted the correct answer. She placed a bet of $11,601 and emerged as the winner of the game with $29,601. Kendra Westerhaus is currently holding the title of Jeopardy’s champion.

Final Jeopardy (2/13/2023) Mira Hayward, Kendra Westerhaus, Jeff Paine

A triple stumper from each round:.Output: A threefold puzzler from every round:.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENTS ($400) Inquire from Sextus Roscus / The Innocent Have No Need to Worry When I Present My Persuasive Speaking.

($1200) Boston residents, You Adore My Father’s Poetry. Test My Begging On For Proportions.

Additional hints can be found on Page 2.

2 years ago: NOT A SINGLE player correctly answered this Final Jeopardy clue in the category of “World Literature”.

In a classic novel from 1866, the murders of 2 women take place in this city show

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