Flo Rida Net Worth in 2023 and How He Makes Money

Flo Rida, a male artist hailing from the United States of America, has been actively involved in the music industry since 2000. With a height of 6′3″, he was born on September 16, 1979, and is also known by his full name, Tramar Lacei Dillard. Flo Rida has gained significant wealth through his successful career as a professional pop and rap musician, accumulating a net worth of $35 million (USD).

Origin of Riches

The value of Flo Rida is entirely derived from his music and his own record label, International Music Group.


Tramar Lacei Dillard, popularly known as Flo Rida, was born in Carol City, Florida on September 16, 1979.

He and his twin are the youngest among the 8 siblings. Among his 7 sisters is his twin sister, although not much information is available about either his father or mother.

During his time in 9th grade, he was a member of a rap collective known as Groundhoggz. The details about his early life are rather vague.

In 1998, Tramar finished high school, even though music played a significant role in his early years. He spent two months studying at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and Barry University.

Tarmar struggled to make ends meet and tried taking several odd jobs during his early days, spending some time living in cheap hotels and on the street.


Throughout this period, there is a lack of information regarding any events that transpired in his professional journey; however, Flo Rida inked a deal with Hot Boyz in 2000.

In 2004, Rick Ross started getting to know some of the Southern hip-hop artists, including Trick Daddy, T-Pain, and others, when he appeared on the promotional single “Birthday” with Boyz N Da Hood, a group signed to Poe Boy Records.

In 2007, he made a special appearance on DJ Khaled’s album, performing on the track titled “Bitch I’m From Dade County.”

The track was also featured in the film Step Up 2: The Street. The initial release from the record “Low” showcased T-Pain and achieved the top spot on the Hot billboard 100. In 2008, Flo Rida unveiled his debut album “Mail On Sunday.”

Lady Gaga’s album “The Fame” and Ace Hood’s album “Gutta” were released in the same year as DJ Khaled’s album “We Global.” Additionally, the artist also appeared on three other albums.

In 2009, Flo Rida’s album “R.O.O.T. S.” And one of the singles from this album, “Right Round,” which showcased Kesha, shattered the record for the highest number of digital sales within a span of 1 week.

The album became the 8th best-selling album of 2009 and reached the number 8 position on the Billboard charts at the time of its release. In February, it topped the charts.

He also made guest appearances on DJ Felli Fel’s “Feel it” and Lady Gaga’s “Star Struck.”.

“Only One Flo (Part 1)” his album released 2010 and “iYiY” Cody Simpson’s on appearances guest had Lilana’s “Out My Video” and.

Brianna and Get Fresh were contracted to the International Music Group label, and subsequently, he established his own record label during that period.

After her death in that same year, this song was subsequently dedicated to her remembrance and the single from the album titled “Good Feeling” features lyrics from the Etta James track “Something Got A Hold On Me” (1962) and in 2012, Flo Rida unveiled his fourth album “Wild One”.

“It reached the top 5 in more than 20 countries. Germany and Austria topped the charts in the UK, while Scotland secured the number 3 spot in the United States with the song ‘Feeling’ Great.”

“Whistle” and “Wild Ones” (the title track from the album) both achieved the top spot on the charts in the United States. Additionally, these two singles from the album reached number 1 in various other countries.

Talent also appeared on America’s Got Talent and American Idol, where Jennifer Lopez was a judge. I performed “Cry” and the next day, I turned around and performed at the Q102 First Springle Ball concert, closing the show with a performance by Flo Rida in May 2012.

In 2013, he provided assistance to the families affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing by collaborating with Marc Mysterio on the track “Booty On The Floor”.

Flor Rida released a single from his EP “My House” in 2014. This single, titled G.D.F.R., Featuring Sage the Gemini, became Rida’s 10th top hit in the United States.