Florida girl seriously injured by shark, the second attack in the US in just over a week

In just under a week, the second documented incident took place in Florida on Thursday, causing severe harm to a young girl in a shark assault.

The Taylor County Sheriff’s Department reported that the attack took place at 3 p.M. In Keaton Beach, roughly 75 miles to the southeast of Tallahassee.

According to Gina Deeson, the spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, the teenager underwent surgery at approximately 6 p.M. On Thursday and was transported to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare via a medical helicopter.

His daughter stated that her father had experienced nerve injury and underwent the removal of a vein from his left leg. This information was shared on Facebook by the victim’s father, as reported by The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office.

As per a TCSO incident report, the young lady was engaged in scalloping with her family in water that was roughly 5 feet deep, close to Grassy Island, which is located near Keaton Beach.

According to the report, a family member purportedly plunged into the water and bravely battled the shark until the juvenile predator managed to flee.

The shark type remained unidentified on Friday, but it was described as being around nine feet in length.

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“Included in the incident summary is the message, ‘Swimmers and scallopers should exercise caution, remain watchful, and follow shark safety measures.’ When in the water, it is advised to refrain from sudden or unpredictable movements and to stay away from large groups of fish. It is known that sharks tend to gather in locations like sandbars, so it is recommended to steer clear of those areas. Furthermore, it is important to avoid entering the water close to fishermen and to always swim with a companion.”

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On June 22nd, last week, a shark assaulted a swimmer along the coast of central California.

The assault occurred 85 miles to the south of San Francisco, as stated by the Pacific Grove Police Department.

According to authorities, the swimmer, a man aged 62 from Monterey, suffered “substantial injuries from the shark attack” and was taken to a hospital.

The Fish and Wildlife Department of California confirmed that the fish that assaulted the man was a Great White Shark.

Scientists from CDFW stated that they had not established a size approximation for the shark.

According to witnesses, the individual suffered serious injuries to the upper body, as reported by KSBW, and the situation at the beach was filled with disorder. The city officials stated that the person had wounds on their abdomen and lower limb.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported that the injured person was anticipated to make a full recovery.