Full Autopsy Reveals New Details in Brian Laundrie’s Death

The 47-page report provided detailed information about the discovery of 23-year-old Brian Laundrie’s body in the Carlton Reserve in North Port on Oct. 20.

The report indicated that Laundrie’s backpack and shoes were surrounded by skeletal human remains that appeared to be scattered on the dirt ground.

According to the report, in the vicinity, they also discovered a set of pants, a green knapsack filled with flares and an unassembled tent, a white metallic band, a partially written note, and a cap featuring the logo of “Moab Coffee Roasters.”

According to the report, investigators discovered Laundrie’s photograph, a compact notebook inside a wooden container, and a diary stored in a waterproof bag in close proximity.

Investigators discovered a rusty revolver near the remains, with one spent round of ammunition and two live rounds still in the cylinder, according to the report.

According to the report, an FBI evidence response team member, utilizing a metal detector, discovered a projectile in close proximity to the location.

According to the report, the search region had formerly been submerged in approximately three feet of water, as evidenced by the water mark on the nearby trees.

“Feral canines and coyotes, alongside rodents and raccoons, were discovered to exhibit similarities with the presence of multiple gouging and gnawing marks on the remains, indicating post-mortem scavenging or carnivorous behavior, as stated in the report.”

The report included redacted photos of the autopsy.

A notebook, which Laundrie confessed to using to kill Petito, was discovered close to his body. However, the FBI declared last month that the report failed to disclose the contents of the note or notebook.

As per a declaration issued by the FBI in Denver, Laundrie deliberately dispatched text messages to mislead individuals into believing that Petito, aged 22, was alive even after he physically assaulted and strangled her in the latter part of August.

“In the declaration, Michael Schneider, the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Denver Division, stated, ‘All reasonable investigative measures have been completed in this matter.’ ‘The inquiry did not uncover any additional persons apart from Brian Laundrie who were directly implicated in the sorrowful demise of Gabby Petito.'”

The coroner established that Petito, who was discovered on Sept. 19 at a campground near Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming, had passed away approximately three weeks earlier due to blunt-force injuries to the head and neck, alongside manual strangulation.

The remains were discovered shortly after, and near their house, an item belonging to his missing parents was found in a preserved natural area. Laundrie returned home to Florida in early September, but went missing in October.

Over the past few years, Laundrie and Petito resided in Florida, but were originally from Long Island, New York. While embarking on a cross-country van journey last summer, the couple made a stop at Grand Teton, which ultimately concluded with Laundrie enigmatically returning home alone in the vehicle.

Following a physical altercation, the duo was apprehended by law enforcement authorities in close proximity to Moab, Utah, on August 12th. They traversed through Colorado, with the pair chronicling their journey on Instagram.

The police concluded that Petito was the aggressor, so they decided to file charges against them rather than separating them for the night. Police showed a video describing the fight that escalated.

The ultimately heartbreaking quest for Petito garnered global attention, igniting social media investigation and conversations about relationship abuse.