Funerals set for the Nashville school shooting victims

The city of Nashville mourns the victims of the horrific attack that transformed what should have been a normal, sunny, and bright school day into a tragedy. Funeral arrangements for the six people killed in this week’s school shooting in Nashville were disclosed on Thursday.

The tragic incident at The Covenant School resulted in the loss of three 9-year-old students and three adults. The individuals who lost their lives have been named as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, Katherine Koonce, Mike Hill, and Cynthia Peak. Katherine Koonce held the position of school principal, Mike Hill worked as a janitor, and Cynthia Peak served as a substitute educator. Distressing additional information regarding their lives continues to surface.

She will be laid to rest on Saturday in a private family burial. According to the obituary, guests attending the funeral are invited to wear other joyful colors or pink as a tribute to Evelyn’s love and light. As stated in the obituary provided by a friend or family member to the Associated Press, a private reception will follow the funeral service for Evelyn, which was originally scheduled for Friday at Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville.

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The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Lake, including the girl’s grandparents, were planning to pray the rosary for all those affected by the shooting from a Facebook post. On Thursday, the pastor will lead the members in this. Hallie’s family has planned a private funeral for her on Saturday at Covenant Presbyterian Church, where her father is the lead pastor.

Pastor Jim Bachmann said that the visitation will begin at 10 AM with the funeral set for 11 AM on Tuesday morning at Stephens Valley Church in Nashville.

On the subsequent day at 1 p.M., A ceremony was planned for Koonce, accompanied by a visitation on Tuesday from 5-8 p.M. At Christ Presbyterian Church.

The funeral for Kinney was scheduled for 2:30 p.M. On Sunday at Christ Presbyterian.

Peak’s visit was planned for Saturday at 10:30 a.M., Also at Christ Presbyterian, with a ceremony at noon.

The burial arrangements were declared as fresh details about Evelyn and a few of the others were disclosed.

Evelyn, described as a constant source of joy, was given an obituary by her family friend, the AP, in which she was depicted as someone who loved snuggling on the couch with her older sister and enjoying animals, music, and art.

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The obituary stated, “Evelyn was known to touch the lives of many, with an unwavering faith in goodness, never judging but always being seen.” “She was the one who made everyone feel safe, as agreed upon by her adoring family members.”

The death notice stated, “She would welcome individuals with open arms and a contagious chuckle.” During her time in preschool, Evelyn “would frequently place herself amidst two younger infants, instinctively providing solace by gently tapping their backs.”

As stated in the obituary, Evelyn’s educators would witness her examining the surrounding environment with inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and lucidity, and Evelyn took pleasure in creating and sketching.

Birdie wanted a rat for her 10th birthday present, and she also loved her dogs, Mable. Additionally, she enjoyed singing along to tunes from the Broadway show “Hamilton” and songs by Taylor Swift.

The obituary mentioned that she had a remarkable ability to comprehend a situation, exhibiting self-restraint and grace that surpassed her age without ever being forceful.

As Evelyn’s loved ones prepared for her funeral, William Kinney’s youth baseball league was taking steps to remember a teammate and friend.

The following evening, a mentor at the Crieve Hall Baseball field conducted a prayer and a period of quiet reflection for the young boy, in response to the tragic incident. This commemoration was shared on the park’s Facebook page.

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Steve Cherrico, director of Crieve Hall youth athletics, stated that William had played on the field where he used to play at the park in the past, and his team for this season was the Reds. Families and players have been encouraged to wear red in the stands and red ribbons have been placed in the stands.

“We’ve included everything in the color red,” Cherrico stated. “We have placed numerous mementos on the actual baseball field.”

William and the rest of the individuals who lost their lives, members of the league were devastated by the tragedy, according to Cherrico. According to Cherrico, Crieve Hall has experienced the loss of a player in the past, indicating that this is not the first occurrence.

“The organization has always risen to the occasion and united as a family,” he remarked.