Gerard Pique ‘moves new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti into the Barcelona home he shared with ex Shakira’

As per reports, Gerard Pique has recently moved in his new companion Clara Chia Marti to the residence he previously shared with his former spouse Shakira.

Pique, the former footballer of Spain and Barcelona FC, was accused of cheating on the 46-year-old singer. The former couple confirmed the end of their 11-year relationship last June.

Gerard has seemingly confirmed that he truly moved into the same house in Barcelona where Shakira lived when she first came to Spain, and he allegedly set up home with Clara, his 24-year-old girlfriend.

It is also the residence where she resided during her pregnancy with the eldest son Milan, 10, of the former couple.

The house that Shakira lived in 2012, located in the town of Cambrils, is where she arrived in Barcelona, leaving images of her pregnancy at the hospital and arriving at the house. Rosa Ana from the program El Programa del Pepe informed journalist from Real de Sun The that there are even more images of her pregnancy at the house.

“It is quite safe, it is not located by the ocean but it does offer a great deal of seclusion.”

“It is a residence that they plan to utilize for their summer stay with Clara Chía. This is not a brand new romantic hideaway, but rather an aged Piqué house. I assume he either rented it or frequented it on weekends,” the journalist continued to mention.

It is said that the couple will leave Pique’s apartment in Barcelona’s city centre and relocate to the mansion, which is nearby, from the beach.

MailOnline has reached out to representatives of Gerard and Shakira for their comments.

Prior to his separation from Shakira, a video clip surfaced allegedly depicting Gerard’s recent partner inside the soccer player’s familial residence, following reports in January of this year.

Shakira was reportedly “devastated” after footage from August 2021, in which she announced her split from her partner of 11 years, was unearthed ten months later.

While Shakira was purportedly overseas with their two offspring, Gerard’s fresh partner and colleague Clara seems to be in the periphery of a virtual meeting the soccer player conducted from his domestic abode in Barcelona.

Gerard publicly revealed his new partner and colleague, Clara, after confirming his separation from the Colombian vocalist last summer.

The interview footage shows a woman resembling Clara stepping into the frame as Gerard spoke to US video live streaming service Twitch.

As per a source who spoke to Page Six, Gerard and Shakira were supposedly residing together in a state of bliss during that timeframe.

During that period, they were still in a strong relationship. According to the insider, the vocalist is ‘heartbroken to discover that this lady evidently felt comfortable in the residence they cohabited with their kids.

‘It’s heartbreaking for her to discover that this affair had been happening for a much longer period than she had envisioned.’

In one of her music videos, Shakira allegedly uncovered Gerard’s infidelity by uncovering a hint concealed in their refrigerator, which she proceeded to allude to.

She realised her ex was having an affair when discovered a jar of strawberry jam had been eaten while she was away.

Upon discovering the jar, Shakira deduced that another individual had been residing in their residence. ShowNews Today reported that she was aware Gerard and their children had a distaste for strawberry jam.

In April, Felicito Te referenced Alejandro Rauw’s clip of a head inside her open fridge in her music video for the single “She”.

Last month, it was reported that Shakira and Gerard were said to be in an open relationship before accusations of infidelity led to a bitter separation and subsequent custody agreement over their children.

It was insisted that there was no unfaithfulness on his behalf, with the assertion of a romantic involvement being denied later, and Gerard splitting their supporters, has now entered into a new partnership.

Spanish broadcaster José Antonio Avilés claimed that prior to their breakup, the ex-partners had maintained a consensual and agreeable non-monogamous arrangement for a duration of three years.

As per El Nacional de Catalunya, Avilés commented on their supposed understanding, stating ‘however, in front of the media, we still appear as a couple,’ where “you pursue your desires and I pursue mine” stands as the agreement.

Many people in the close circle of Piqué’s family and friends are believed to be stunned by the news of infidelity to his former partner’s references, and they are saying that the claims of an open relationship are true.

Avilés added, “The footballer’s team was taken aback by Shakira’s declaration. He has been irritated to discover it through the media.”

Additionally, fellow reporter Pilar Vidal stated: ‘Piqué does not desire conjecture regarding the cause of the separation being infidelity.

‘He was taken aback by the declaration, as she is the one who takes the lead.’

Since moving to Miami, Shakira has been awarded full custody of her two children, Sasha and Milan, while Hamilton Lewis, the Formula One racing driver, has been linked to the city.