GOP Candidate for CA Sec. of State Claims She Inspired Witch’s Murder

In her community, Hamm incited the killing of a sorceress, asserting that her supplications also shielded her from followers of the dark arts who offered up animals and engaged in other mystical ceremonies in the vicinity of her residence.

Organized by Turning Point USA, Hamm presented her perspectives on an actual confrontation involving followers of the devil during an event on Oct. 7 at Fresno City College. Hamm personally encountered a situation where a worshipper of the devil killed a raven on her personal property, asserting that the area near the community college was “renowned for its significant Satanic presence.”

Hamm asserted his power over Satan at my home, letting the blood spill as he twisted the neck of the bird. He came to my house with a black raven in his hand, someone from the Satanic community, and I moved into that house on that day.

In order to possess it, Hamm asserted that the followers of Satan inserted a metal stake into her land. However, Hamm’s troubles with the alleged Satanists did not end there. Later in her address.

“I gained a wealth of knowledge about how Satan operates, about how the powers of darkness work,” she expressed.

Despite the extreme beliefs of her most bizarre fringe party, Hamm’s willingness to court endorsements from prominent Republicans like Lindell and Flynn reflects her mark in the GOP. She claimed that Donald Trump would have won the state in 2020 if not for voter fraud, echoing false allegations made by Joe Biden that the election was stolen. Hamm’s bid for state secretary, amid focus on elections office and grassroots support from the liberal state, is unlikely to succeed.

The “Satanic hysteria” in the 1980’s and 1990’s intensified the assertions about purported Satanic daycares that echoed Hamm’s alleged daycare ordeal. Hamm’s claimed childhood daycare was subsequently exposed as a facade for worshippers of Satan, as she recounted in her memoir published in 2017. The experiences that Hamm had with Satan worshippers extended beyond the supposed crow-offering.

“This was a Satanic group pretending to be a preschool in order to indoctrinate young children into Satanic practices,” she wrote.

The adventurers who enjoy owning things enjoy watching demons lurking in her son’s claimed YouTube channel, where she posted a video. In an attempt to explore the Satanic influence, she even sent her son to a “Haunted Forest” last year, which fueled her feud with Satanists and witches.

During her husband’s absence, when she had a nightmare about someone killing her, Hamm was on a trip with witches who coincidentally arrived during the witch-murder incident. While explaining her October speech in Fresno, she recounted Hamm’s most perilous encounter.

“I just had a dream that someone tried to break into my home, set my house on fire, and murder me.”

Instead, she asserts that her prayers had resulted in the demise of a sorceress who resided in close proximity to her. Nevertheless, the following day, Hamm beseeched about the envisioned killing, yearning for it to remain unrealized.

You just did what, excuse me, I mean, I obviously set fire to their house and killed her. Well, someone broke into their house, as her mother Hamm remembered. The self-proclaimed witches, who both live behind two doors, you know the witches.

Hamm indicated the witch killing as a manifestation of God’s might.

“The very thing that I had just dreamed that someone was trying to do to me had happened to them,” she said.

In an email to The Daily Beast, Hamm stated that she lacked the time to uncover proof of the witch’s killing.

“I can inform you that it was only one sorceress that was killed,” she stated in an email.

When a suspicious man came to her door, Hamm began to suspect that he could be an occult instrument used to murder her. The man claimed that he wanted to rent her house for insurance purposes, but she believes he was actually plotting another murder as a Satanist, as mentioned in her book.

Hamm states, ‘If my neighbors were aware that there are satanists who live next to someone who might be murdered at any given moment and who will have satanists coming to their house, they would want me to relocate from the area.'”

Hamm delineated the regulations regarding sorceresses in a YouTube transmission alongside covert right-wing agent Anna Khait. Due to her anecdotes concerning her encounters with sorceresses, Hamm has emerged as a quasi-expert on the conservative front regarding witchcraft.

“Is there such a positive entity as a benevolent witch?” Khait asked.

“I’m so glad you asked that,” Hamm said. “Absolutely not.”Output: “I’m extremely pleased you inquired about that,” Hamm stated. “Definitely not.”

Hamm is trying to organize an emergency protest in November for workers who are walking off their jobs. Hamm’s opposition includes mandates for the coronavirus vaccine, as well as issues related to real-world concerns and her belief in worshiping Satan and practicing witchcraft.

During her speech in Fresno, Hamm expressed her disapproval of the vaccine mandates, stating that she witnessed the adverse consequences associated with the imposition of the vaccine.

Hamm has also promoted the QAnon conspiracy theory, which holds that a cabal of cannibal-pedophiles controls the world, and believes that Christianity should be praised for bringing believers together. Donald Trump is said to be soon executed, according to QAnon discussions when Hamm stated, “I love it.”

JFK Jr. Unintentionally hides his face behind his shoes and occasionally, he accidentally captures a reversed “selfie” into the camera, while typically aiming his camera at his shoes. This is a disguise that John F. Kennedy Jr. Assumes to deceive the followers of QAnon, a fringe faction who believe in the QAnon conspiracy theory. Juan O. Hamm, using the alias Savin, hosts a YouTube show where she discusses this personality.

Both Hamm and Savin are set to appear as speakers at the “Patriot Double Down,” a Las Vegas QAnon convention this weekend.