Grant Gustin Reveals the Real Reason Why He Left The Flash

Grant Gustin Reveals the Real Reason Why He Left The Flash


Grant Gustin, known for his role as Barry Allen in The CW’s The Flash, recently shared new insight into why he made the decision to leave the show. After an incredible nine-year run, Gustin’s journey as the Flash came to an end in May 2023 with a four-part series finale that concluded not only his story but also the entire run of the Arrowverse on The CW.

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Gustin’s Departure

Gustin, during a panel at Phoenix Fan Fusion, shared his reasoning for ending The Flash after nine seasons on The CW. He admitted that leading such a show at the age of 23 was overwhelming for him. Gustin tried to keep his anxiety in check and not dwell on it. However, as he grew older, he realized that his priorities and world were changing. He felt it was time to wrap up the show when he thought about all the bedtimes he was missing for his daughter. Gustin wanted to give the show his best and not do it at anything less than 100%.

Musical Preferences

During the panel, Gustin also touched on his musical preferences. When the audience asked him to sing, he softly replied with a “no.” He mentioned that his wife gives him a hard time because he doesn’t sing much. However, he has recently started picking up singing again, primarily for his daughter.

Will Grant Gustin Ever Return as The Flash?

Gratitude for The Flash

Gustin has been nothing but complimentary about his experience working on The Flash. He expressed deep gratitude for the opportunity to work with a team that understood the essence of the Flash character and supported him in his role.

Potential for More in the Arrowverse

Although The Flash Season 9 marked the end of the Arrowverse, showrunner Eric Wallace hinted at the possibility of more to come. He expressed hope that the Arrowverse is not over yet, suggesting that there may be future projects in the works.

Disappointment and Uncertainty

However, Wallace also mentioned his disappointment that Season 10 of The Flash is not currently in development for The CW. This leaves fans wondering if Gustin will ever don the scarlet lightning boots in another setting. While Gustin has already denied the idea of returning to the role in this summer’s The Flash movie, his extended tenure as the Flash makes him an excellent candidate for a potential internet-breaking cameo in the future.

Streaming on Netflix

The Flash is currently available for streaming on Netflix, allowing fans to relive Gustin’s incredible performance as Barry Allen.