Haitian Singer Mikaben Remembered for Generosity and Joy After Dying on Paris Stage in Front of Thousands

The abrupt and unforeseen passing of Haitian vocalist Michael Benjamin, alternatively recognized as Mikaben, has left his dear ones in a state of astonishment.

Benjamin, aged 41, reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest in front of a crowd of 20,000 fans during Carimi’s 20th anniversary concert reunion in Paris, France. He collapsed on stage immediately after his set, and countless others who were tuned in to watch the live stream of the concert were left shocked and saddened.

DJ Stakz, who also entertained during the event, revealed to Inside Edition Digital, “And that was the end of it,” he suddenly collapsed, fell to the ground, and as he concluded his performance, he departed with a smile. The atmosphere was truly extraordinary, in a way. “Mika was absolutely amazing. And I was standing right there, only a few feet from him.”

Benjamin rushed near everyone on his side, as he exclaimed, “They just went from there and started CPR. He realized that he had no pulse and his heart was not beating. They immediately started CPR and they were doing it quickly and efficiently, just like a skilled medical team.”

Michael Brun, the artist, producer, and DJ who collaborated closely with Benjamin, expressed his disbelief at the unexpected turn of events. He recounted how he witnessed Benjamin’s collapse while watching the livestream. “During all our performances, he always appeared to be in excellent physical condition. He was dedicated to his fitness routine and maintained a healthy diet,” Brun shared.

Benjamin appeared happy as he performed, and those who watched him saw no indications of a problem before he collapsed.

Brun stated, “That concludes my perspective. In the event that there is a positive aspect,” he continued. “Until the final instant, he derived pleasure from it. It is evident from a couple of photographs taken just prior to this occurrence that he was still smiling. Moreover, even though the burden was immense, he relished the ordeal during the most challenging moment, which I am aware of.”

Stakz mentioned that he resorted to prayer as attempts were being made to revive Benjamin, but unfortunately, he could not be rescued.

Stakz said, “We were just aware that his wife is pregnant and his family was talking about it.” I was really focused on this situation. It was quite a significant event. Now, I can’t really understand what is happening. “No, it was just a significant event.”

Benjamin’s spouse, Vanessa Fanfan, who is expecting their third baby, shared on Instagram that she had “lost her better half.”

“I am filled with humility. Someday, I will share with my children how their father’s impact influenced an entire community. I express gratitude to all those who have joined me in prayer and offered overwhelming support. Kindly assist me, oh compassionate Lord, as this burden weighs heavily on me. I understand that you do not err and you only bestow upon us what we can endure, but… Dear Father in Heaven, Oh my God,” she penned.

This year, Marie Driven, one of the founders of PR agency Playbook MG, enlisted Benjamin as her client. She observed that he was proficient in English, French, Haitian Creole, and Spanish, referring to him as a versatile linguist.

She exclaimed, “That’s a separate narrative, but I can’t comprehend why he didn’t pursue the presidency. He was a visionary, not merely an artist. Furthermore, a power tool is Mikaben.” “In my opinion, it seems as though he did create a lasting impact and we must carry on that legacy. Wherever he may go, he is one of those individuals who desires to leave a lasting impression.”

Teachers in Haiti are dedicated to raising money for charity, specifically the Ti Souf charity, which is a legacy included in the Haitian Creole “breath”.

The GoFundMe campaign has been established to assist with the expenses that Mika’s three children will face throughout their lives, such as primary education, college education, medical costs, and savings. Make sure to read the page.

“Ti Souf …Will also receive a portion,” the campaign continued.Output: “Ti Souf …Will also get a share,” the campaign continued.

By Wednesday, almost $180,000 had been collected.

The burial ceremony of Benjamin is scheduled to occur in Miami, Florida, on Nov. 6, while a service in Haiti will be arranged for a later date.