‘He shot my arm off!’ 80-year-old store owner shoots would-be robber

According to officials, during the weekend, an 80-year-old convenience store owner used his shotgun to shoot at an armed individual attempting to rob his Norco store.

Surveillance video shows several individuals arriving in a black SUV at Liquor & Market Norco on the 800 block of Sixth Street around 2:45 a.M. On Sunday.

“He fired a bullet at my arm!” Yelling repeatedly, the perpetrator quickly withdraws to a parked car while the proprietor of the store, James Craig Cope, positions himself behind a glass showcase and shoots a solitary round, yet moments later, one of the potential thieves enters the establishment with a raised rifle.

As per a statement released by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, four individuals were discovered shortly afterwards at a nearby medical facility, where one of them was undergoing medical care for a gunshot injury.

The rest were discovered outside in a stolen vehicle, as confirmed by authorities.

The men, namely Justin Johnson, 22, from Inglewood; Jamar Williams, 27, from Los Angeles; and Davon Broadus, 24, from Las Vegas, have been apprehended by the police for alleged involvement in robbery and conspiracy. As per a statement from the Sheriff’s Department, they are currently detained with a bail amount of $500,000.

The trio has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. The Riverside County district attorney’s office has accused them of attempting robbery, committing elder abuse, and possessing a stolen, loaded firearm in a public place.

Belvin, DaShawn Lee, the fourth individual involved, aged 23, has been under medical care at the hospital ever since he sustained a gunshot wound, according to the district attorney. Authorities stated that law enforcement personnel “will be processed into a correctional facility in Riverside County once he is discharged,” and he is currently in a state of “critical but stable condition.” In addition to the aforementioned allegations, Belvin is also facing charges related to firearm aggression.

The shooting is still under investigation. In a statement, the Sheriff’s Department acknowledged Cope’s role in “preventing a violent crime.” The statement also acknowledged Cope’s role in ensuring his own safety while confronting multiple armed suspects.

Tamara Gibbons, an employee of Market Norco, said that he is still recovering after being taken to the hospital following the shooting.

After the occurrence, they deliberated about their hypothetical actions in a comparable scenario. According to Gibbons, neither she nor any of her female colleagues were present in the store during that period.

Gibbons said, “It makes me want to get more protection for myself.” “We’re doing pretty well in keeping everything under control, but we were a bit uncertain here, especially when we were on our own and before they caught the guy.”

Gibbons stated that she and the other staff members were concerned that the perpetrator might return.

She exclaimed, “One of their hands was amputated, and furthermore, they failed to obtain their intended objective, which leads one to believe that these individuals had a specific motive for coming here.”

People from different cities have been supporting their show to shop. Phones have constantly been ringing with calls, sending prayers and thoughts. The business at Market Norco has been affected since the shooting, with Gibbons saying, “Turn off the hook” in recent days.

Gibbons said, “It shows that older people can stick up for themselves.” “Just because of your age, it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of doing something like this.”