Heather Locklear is all smiles with fiancé Chris as they head to garden party in LA

Heather Locklear was filled with the joys of last week’s spring as she stepped out for a garden party in sunny California with her fiancé, Chris Heisser.

On Friday afternoon, the couple, who are both 60 and met in high school, showed their love for each other during an exclusive outing near their home in the San Fernando Valley, as captured by DailyMail.Com.

During the event, Locklear and Heisser, a contractor and former AMA motocross competitor, acquired a chocolate cake to distribute and were observed giggling and radiating with happiness.

The actress appeared fit and slender, with her blonde hair styled in two low braids, wearing black leggings, Adidas sneakers, and a white T-shirt adorned with a skull design.

Heisser also maintained a relaxed look in a white t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and white trainers.

During their journey from the store to the party, the pair were observed chuckling and grinning, as the gorgeous, balmy sunshine appeared to have put both Heisser and Locklear in high moods.

The couple pulled up to a house in San Fernando Valley, where they enjoyed a wholesome afternoon with some dessert beforehand.

Locklear, who had recently spent some time in a mental health facility and had encountered multiple encounters with the law due to substance abuse, seems to have taken a positive turn towards improvement.

Kristine Carlson’s first project, The Stuff: Small the Sweat Don’t movie, returned to the small screen last October, almost five years after its inception.

Kristine, the former star of the Melrose Place television show, co-authored the best-selling book Small Stuff Don’t Sweat with Dr. Richard Carlson, who she had written with.

The movie chronicles Kristine’s journey as she copes with the unforeseen passing of Richard, aged 45, in 2006.

She explained how she knew this particular project was the right role for her, especially after previously working in Hollywood. She appeared on America’s Morning Good to promote her film last year and she was sure she would return to work again.

‘It was pretty easy. I didn’t want to do anything silly. I wanted to do something that had its weight,’ she said.

Adding: ‘And I beseeched to the Divine that whatever comes into my possession, I desired it to be of a spiritual nature.’

I adored Kristine and I adored the books. I simply enjoy the depth of it and the process of bouncing back from a loss and then experiencing recovery and loss again. It landed in my lap and it felt peculiar.

Heather said that individuals informed her that she is now one of my closest companions. She resided with me and attended my 60th birthday celebration. The initial occasion I encountered Kristine, we spent the night at her residence.

Kristine’s story, which revolves around love and loss, highlights her belief that the pandemic has brought about a sense of simplicity. According to her, it emphasizes the importance of living in the present and ultimately centers around the concept of love.

The celebrity recently commemorated two and a half years of abstinence; she is betrothed to her high school sweetheart Chris Heisser.

The exciting news broke in June 2020, when DailyMail.Com reported that Chris’s proposal to rekindle her high school relationship with her sweetheart was accepted after three years.

The duo, who graduated high school together in 1979, struggled with substance abuse on and off.

Heather then went on to marry rockers Tommy Lee from 1993 to 1986 and Richie Sambora from 1994 to 2007, with whom she has a daughter, Ava, who is 24 years old.

Chris gained success as an AMA motocross racer, and a contractor, he has also been married and divorced, and has four children.

‘My most beloved individual on the planet. Four decades down the line,’ Heather shared a picture in September of that particular year on her Instagram profile of the two of them lying in bed, reunited in 2017.’

Nevertheless, Heather’s struggle with substance abuse nearly derailed the love story.

After her arrest on February 25, 2018, Chris was allegedly attacked and fought with by police officers, prompting her brother Mark to make the 911 call from their residence.

She was sentenced to 30 days in a residential mental health facility, and later pleaded ‘no contest’ to charges stemming from her arrest last year.

The pair got engaged in April of 2020, after Heather had successfully completed a whole year of being sober.