Hisashi Ouchi Real Photo – Why Was He Kept Alive Against His Will For 83 Days?

In 1999, Ouchi Hisashi experienced a horrifying accident at the Tokaimura nuclear power plant in Japan, resulting in the majority of his skin being severely damaged and him losing his life due to excessive bleeding.

On September 30, 1999, Hisashi Ouchi worked in a nuclear fuel processing facility in Tokai Village, which is located 110 kilometers northeast of Japan. He was exposed to approximately 17 sieverts of radiation.

The medical experts were greatly surprised when Hisashi Ouchi arrived at the University of Tokyo Hospital, and he was subjected to the most extreme level of radiation ever experienced by a person.

The flow of blood would soon begin to gush and dissolve his flesh. The 35-year-old nuclear power plant technician had almost no white blood cells, which left him immune system-free.

(JCO), the Japan Nuclear Fuel Conversion Co., Compelled Ouchi and two additional staff members to blend a fresh supply of fuel, disregarding the alarming absence of safety measures and the wide prevalence of perilous expedients.

The three individuals assembled their parts manually, even though they lacked any formal instruction on how to do it.

The flawed tank had seven times the amount of uranium erroneously added to it. Gamma rays bombarded the area as Ouchi stood directly above the vehicle.

As Ouchi embarked on his incredible journey, the evacuation of the facility and the nearby villages was still ongoing.

Hisashi Ouchi was housed in a dedicated radiation ward in order to safeguard him from acquiring illnesses within the hospital. The loss of his mother was mourned.

Once the plant was shut down, Hisashi Ouchi and his coworkers were taken to the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Chiba.

They were all situated near the fuel. Consequently, they were all immediately exposed to the radiation, albeit to varying extents.

The team’s leader, Yutaka Yokokawa, who had encountered three, was the sole survivor.

Masato Shinohara was exposed to 10 sieverts, whereas Hisashi Ouchi, who was positioned directly above the steel container, received 17 sieverts.

Ouchi was subjected to the most extreme level of radiation ever encountered by a human.

He arrived at the hospital in a state of being unresponsive and violently vomiting. He had agonizing pain and breathing difficulties.

Hisashi Ouchi’s eyes were leaking blood, and his body was engulfed in radiation injuries.

To make his escape, he had to endure a fatal heart failure after 83 extensive days. His family had to resuscitate him, as he frequently experienced heart stoppages.

Hisashi Ouchi Worked At The Tokaimura Nuclear Power Plant

Hisashi Ouchi, a Japanese national born in 1965, embarked on his career in nuclear power during a crucial period for his nation.

Because of its costly dependence on imported energy and limited access to natural resources, Japan had a mere four years before transitioning to nuclear power generation.

Consequently, the initial commercial nuclear power station in the nation was constructed.

Consequently, a substantial complex of atomic reactors, scientific establishments, fuel enrichment facilities, and waste disposal sites were established. The power plant’s positioning in Tokaimura was optimal owing to the ample amount of land accessible.

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