How Argentina advanced from Group C in victory over Poland: World Cup result

Argentina finding their stride

Argentina finding their stride

Argentina has experienced a range of emotions in this tournament.

The unexpected loss to Saudi Arabia.

The exhilaration of the victory over Mexico.

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of Argentina, needed to find a balance between life and death if his team couldn’t carry on living with every game. There was no melodrama tonight. Even when Szczesny didn’t save Messi’s penalty, it didn’t matter.

The team showed little tension that weighed down their performances in the tournament. Enzo Alvarez and Fernandez, relative newcomers in Qatar, don’t appear burdened by the same expectation as some of the winners of Copa America in the squad. Allister Mac goes for the same set-up. Now, all of them have scored at the World Cup. Argentina made their best start to a game.

The dynamic in Argentina is changing, thanks to the freshness brought by this trio. Players like Cuti Romero and Messi, who didn’t seem to be in their best shape earlier in the tournament, now appear to have shrugged off their injuries.

Argentina performed with great enthusiasm, fueled by the possibility that a victory would not only secure their position as group leaders but also set them up against Australia in the round of 16. This was the most desired outcome above all else. After the Saudi defeat, France, or Denmark were the opponents that most people expected Argentina to face on the eve of the World Cup.

Now it appears that the tournament is becoming accessible to them.

Chance – Off the line!

It is a great progression for Poland to have Jakub Kiwior as the hero on the goalline, perfectly positioned to clear the ball with a header over the keeper. Tagliafico tries to conclude an exceptional passing play. Poland is incredibly fortunate as they get separated and fail to follow Tagliafico. Can you imagine it? It happens in the 90+3 minute.

Kicking the ball towards their opponent’s goal, the team shouts in excitement as they are aware of the opportunity to score. The TV cameras on Poland’s bench capture the moment, with no apparent risks involved.

Time almost up

Poland will continue to bite their fingernails for a little longer. This game in Mexico is about to be finished. Now, within the last few seconds: 6+90.

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Our player of the match — Lionel Messi

Our player of the match — Lionel Messi

Indeed, his penalty was stopped.

Allister Mac from Argentina is an inventive player who surpasses his counterparts by making more than two crucial passes and taking four shots on target. Despite this, he still managed to have nearly 100 touches.

Recapping a mad night

It began with a Messi penalty rescue, excellently halted by Szczesny.

Next, MacAllister scored the winning goal, with Argentina leading 1-0.

Mexico takes a 2-0 lead against Saudi Arabia and has a third goal disallowed.

Argentina score a second goal against Poland.

Another Mexico goal disallowed for offside.

Saudi Arabia shatter Mexican hopes in the final minutes of the game.


Are yellow cards really the answer?

In the event of teams having the same number of points and goal difference.

This is a much superior concept.

XG should be utilized as the decisive factor if teams are tied on Goals Scored.

— The xG Philosophy (@xGPhilosophy) November 30, 2022

Full-time – Poland 0 Argentina 2. Argentina through

The final whistle blows. Argentina secures a well-deserved victory and advances as the winners of Group C.

Currently, Poland is in second place, but the match between Mexico and Saudi Arabia has yet to conclude.

Mac Allister: ‘We’re back to being the team we used to be’

Mac Allister: ‘We’re back to being the team we used to be’

Mac Allister expressed his satisfaction, stating that they had a remarkable performance in the game. They maintained composure and did not lose hope. Furthermore, they increased their ball possession and reverted back to their original playing style. Throughout the match, their main objective was always to find the back of the net. Overall, it was an impressive display, leaving Mac Allister content.

The first game was a hit that caught us off guard. We began to have more faith in the group. We returned to being the identical team we were before. We did not lose hope.

Szczesny: ‘That was dreadful, awful and wonderful’

Szczesny: ‘That was dreadful, awful and wonderful’

Szczesny talked to FOX following the match.

“He remarked, ‘It was terrible, dreadful, and fantastic.’ ‘Yeah, it was an extended match, it endured approximately five hours for me but we managed to endure. I’m not concerned about the way we accomplished it.”

We were probably quite unattractive at times during the game, especially during the last 95 minutes, but the outcome was the qualification that the US gave us.

Penalty fate?


In 1978, Mario Kempes failed to score a penalty in the third match.

Argentina won the World Cup.

1986: Diego Maradona missed a penalty in the 3rd game

Argentina won the World Cup.

2022: Lionel Messi missed a penalty in the 3rd game


— Ball Street (@BallStreet) November 30, 2022

Szczesny on his penalty save

Szczesny on his penalty save

I didn’t know it was time to celebrate, so it was nice that you helped us out, yeah.

“In the last two games, I owed the team a lot for helping me manage them a little bit, and it was awful for me four years ago in the World Cup. So far, I’ve had some bad luck at big tournaments, but.”

How Argentina beat Poland

How Argentina beat Poland

Despite losing 2-0 to Poland in the last 16 of the World Cup, Argentina joined C Group after a thrilling performance from Julian Alvarez and Allister Mac Alexis.

In the group stage, Mexico had five bookings while Poland had seven. After a 0-0 draw earlier in the group, both teams had an equal head-to-head record and finished with the same number of points and goals scored. However, Poland secured their spot in the next round ahead of Mexico due to a superior disciplinary record in the last 20 minutes.

Mexico’s advancement on goal difference over Poland resulted in a situation where, in the other match, which Mexico emerged victorious with a 2-1 score, a late goal from Saudi Arabia had little impact.

The Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny gave away a penalty in the first half when Lionel Messi of Argentina brilliantly saved a spot-kick but was trying to claim a cross. This took away the gloss from what was a strong display by one of the pre-tournament favorites and added some drama to the table-related situation.

Allister Mac scuffed his effort near the spot penalty, putting Argentina ahead by doubling their lead in the second half.

Michael Cox, James Horncastle, Jordan Campbell, and Andrew Jones examine the main discussion topics…

Argentina 2-0 Poland: Messi's involvement, Szczesny penalty stop, and goal margin excitement.


Argentina 2-0 Poland: Messi’s involvement, Szczesny penalty stop, and goal margin excitement.

Injury-time is here

Additional six minutes added to the injury time.

In the other Group C match, the score remains Mexico 2 Saudi Arabia 0. Mexico’s two attempts have been invalidated because of offside.

Poland is maintaining its grip on the second position. It is still in their possession, to some extent. Nevertheless, the encounter with Argentina has now slowed down significantly.

Saudi Arabia score!

In the 95th minute, Saudi Arabia retaliated against Mexico! Poland are on the verge of advancing to the knockout stages, which implies that the score is 2-1.

That will cause immense pain. A straightforward goal for Al Dawsari, enabling them to be dissected at the final moment. Mexico, who have given their all in this match, now confront utter destruction.

Mac Allister on Australia

Mac Allister on Australia

“We are aware of the challenges they present. Consequently, we were defeated. I competed against them in the Olympic Games, and we perceive them as a formidable team,” Mac Allister shared with the BBC regarding Argentina’s round of 16 adversaries.

“It will be tough on the side, and they are a very good team. However, we are not the same team, and, of course, they are not the same team either.”

Poland confirmed in the knockout stages

Despite a lackluster performance against Argentina, Mexico and Poland secure their spot in the last 16 by finishing second in Group C. However, their 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia is insufficient to proceed further.

Argentina had no one on their side against them. France is their next opponent in the knockout stages. If you are a team that wants to play in the knockout stages, Poland is an honest and brutally tough team to beat, and Mexico is incredibly difficult to take on.

What a thrilling evening.


Argentina is set to face Australia in the round of 16 after securing their spot in the knockout stage of the 2022 World Cup with a convincing 2-0 victory over Poland.

Allister Mac Alexis opened the scoring in the game, with Wojciech Szczesny brilliantly saving Lionel Messi’s penalty. Julian Alvarez added the second goal.

In the second group stage game, Mexico managed to defeat Saudi Arabia with a score of 2-1. Despite their loss, Poland also advanced to the round of 16 by surpassing Mexico in terms of goal margin.

Poland will next face the current world titleholders, France.

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Chance – Lautaro Martínez should make it 3-0

Lautaro Martínez sprints away and leaves the only goalkeeper with himself, beating him to score a goal in a game that must be won by Mexico. This post far in the past, the ball skews horribly and his connection is terrible, but the Mexico team manages to defeat Poland with a score of 87.