How long do short people live: How the Tik Tok trend started


The question of how long short people live might sound funny, but it is something that has brought smiles to the faces of many. It is amazing how the moment this trend went viral, everyone became intrigued about the lifespan of short people. So, let us explain why everyone wants to know how long short people live.

How long do short people live TikTok?

Since Zhang Yiming made the video-sharing application Tik Tok public, it seems people now have a lot of things to laugh about, to occupy their time and constant trends to trend on. One of the things from the app that has got many people laughing is the trending phrase, how long do short people live?

In reality, this is not a question that you would ask yourself or a friend because it does not even make sense. Is being short a death sentence and why should your height determine your lifespan? But Tik Tok has got its users asking how long short people live. You will be shocked when you see the various answers that have popped up out of this question.

The Origin of the Trend

The joke started when a Tik Tok user accidentally googled ‘how long do short people live’. When he saw the answer, he decided to share it with his friend, who is short in height. The answer/response starts with a screen recording of someone typing how long short people live and putting in the answer they desire to fit their situation. As funny as it might seem, thousands of people jumped and are still jumping on this trend. As such, people are googling the life span of short people.

Participation in the Trend

Now, the answer is what makes the entire trend a joke because people have started photoshopping various answers to suit their purpose. According to the TikTok trend, it has been revealed that short people live for 10 to 12 years or 13 years. The answer is what makes you know it is all a joke because short people do not have short lives because they are short. The entire trend is amusing as many people are sending the answers to their short friends. This kind of trend would have looked off if it came during the time of the millennials, but with members of the Gen Z “geng” having taken up this trend, they deserve their flowers.

How long do short people live for memes?

How long do short people live for memes?

How long do short people live for memes, which started back in March 2022, is a trend on the video-sharing app. It is just one of those trends that never gets old because there will always be short people around. Following the viral trend, many people have created how long short people live for memes and it is very hilarious.

If you are short, you should feel special because there is a common saying that “short people always have sense because what they lack in height, they have in their brains”. This does not mean that tall people do not have sense; on the contrary, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. But here, the focus is on short people.

On TikTok, short people have always been a trend. There are several hashtags about short people like a short people problem, short relationship challenge, short people check, short people talking, short people outfits, etc. From videos to images to texts, everyone is creating a how long do short people live for meme. Most of the memes online have songs like I’m still standing by Elton John and Never Forget You by Noisettes attached to them.

One of the unique things about this trend is its level of relatability because everyone has a short friend, colleague, sibling or relative. How long do people live for memes can also be connected to how long idiots live. The latter is another TikTok trend that has social media buzzing with people sending it to their friends. When you Google how long do idiots live, you will see that the lifespan of an idiot is 12-13 years. It was from this viral trend that how long do short people live for meme was born.

The answer to how long do idiots live is the same as the answer to how long so short people live. This is not the first time that a Google prank will go viral. Google pranks have been entertaining people for years and it is not stopping anytime soon.

The Truth About Short People’s Lifespan

But on a serious note, do short people have short life spans because of their height? The answer is no. In fact, according to Healthline, tall people have a higher risk of death from cancer. This was stated in a 2016 study about how tall people die earlier than short people. Again, according to CNBC, a longevity expert named Jean-Marie Robine said: “When you are taller, you need more cell replications to fill your body, and this can just exhaust you faster.”

Based on research over the years, short people tend to have longer lifespans than tall people. According to a 2003 review article in The New York Times, this was discovered: “Findings based on millions of deaths suggest that shorter, smaller bodies have lower death rates and fewer diet-related chronic diseases, especially past middle age.”

Also based on science, taller people have larger internal organs and bigger bones than short people do. This means they need a large caloric intake to function better. So, before you get angry at your friend for calling you out for being short, know that it is all possibly a joke and your height is not a determinant of how long you will live.

How long do short people live Google prank


How long do short people live is one of the many trends that have existed out of Tik Tok. Being short is not a bad thing, but Tik Tok always has a way of making everything funny. People send this photoshopped Google screen recording or screenshot to their short friends. Then, they post their hilarious responses on social media. While some short friends have taken it as a joke, some do not find this funny.

So are you short or tall?

Additional Information

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