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The price of dental healthcare can differ significantly based on the specific treatment you desire. For instance, gum contouring can cost $50, whereas full mouth dental reconstruction can cost up to $150,000. Additionally, the amount you spend at the dentist’s office will be influenced by your location.

How much does a dental crown cost in California? The cost of a dental crown in California ranges from $800 to $3000, making it one of the most expensive dental procedures. This is due to the use of different materials to make the crowns. The cost can vary depending on whether or not you have insurance.

Below is everything you need to know about dental crowns, including why they are necessary for good oral health and how to learn the procedure to make it more affordable and convenient for you.

What Determines the Cost of Dental Crowns?

The prices for dental crowns can vary greatly.


Because every mouth is different, every crown is different! Here are some factors to consider when determining the cost of dental crowns.

The Dental Crown Type

The material for your dental crown that you select will determine the cost of your treatment.

Here are the typical expenses for the most commonly used dental crown varieties:

  • On average, you will need to replace a tooth every year, and the cost of a permanent crown can range from 750 to 450. However, if you cannot afford the cost, your dentist offers temporary caps, which are provisional dental crowns.
  • The cost of a dental porcelain crown can be as high as $3000 per tooth. However, depending on your customizations, the cost can be around $800 per tooth for dental porcelain crowns.
  • The average cost of a zirconia dental crown is $1300. Ceramic crowns provide a more authentic appearance and result in minimal harm to the neighboring teeth. The initial cost of an all-ceramic dental crown is $1300.
  • Crowns Dental Metallic range in cost from $900 to $2500 per tooth. You can select from various metal alloys for your permanent dental crowns. Examples of metallic dental crowns include nickel-chromium, cobalt-chromium, and titanium-nickel. Regardless of how hard you use them, dental metal crowns are highly durable and resistant to breakage or chipping.
  • Your Dentist’s Location

    If you are searching for the most affordable dental crowns in Porter Ranch, California, you can contact Porter Ranch Dental Studio. The cost of dental crowns in Porter Ranch varies between $3000 and $800, depending on the dentist’s location. For instance, in Ohio, the prices for dental crowns range from $3000 to $500. The cost of your dental crown is also determined by your dentist’s location.

    Your Health Insurance

    If you lack insurance coverage, anticipate paying approximately $1300 for a dental crown. The typical cost is approximately $900, thus your insurance will cover approximately $400 towards your dental crown treatment.

    The cost will also vary depending on the type of crown and tooth being treated. For example, molar dental crowns are less expensive since they are more practical compared to dental crowns for frontal teeth, where the aesthetic aspect should also be taken into consideration.


    Dental Crowns and Bridges.

    Dr. Alex Dolgov, a highly regarded dentist in Porter Ranch, specializes in root canal procedures in the Los Angeles region.

    What is a Dental Crown?


    A dental crown is an artificial covering that dentists use to repair a damaged tooth, restoring its shape and protecting it.

    Dental crowns are a long-lasting and durable solution for damaged teeth, as they consist of metals and materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and resin. They require very little maintenance and offer a permanent solution.

    The Dental Crown Procedure

    Finally, the overall cost will depend on the complexity of your procedure. For example, when you need the dentist to remove more than just a decayed tooth, it may even involve the surface of your tooth, which will result in a higher cost.

    Here are extra expenses to think about when obtaining a dental crown:

    Dental Crown Related Services

    Price Range

    Initial Exam

    $100 – 200


    $25 – 50

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography

    $330 – 750

    Diagnostic Casts

    $140 – 300

    Root Canal

    $1000 – 1600

    Protective Restoration

    $90 – 250

    Core Build-Up

    $200 – 500

    Post and Core

    $350 – 650

    Maintaining Your Dental Crown

    Maintaining your dental crowns, here are a few tips. Depending on their construction material, dental crowns should last ten to fifty years.

    Brush and Floss Regularly

    Regular brushing and flossing will guarantee the durability of your dental crown. This is due to the fact that it aids in the elimination of acidic substances that could harm the construction material, resulting in expensive dental crown replacements. It is also advisable to schedule a professional teeth cleaning every 6 months.

    Maintain Your Dentist Appointments

    To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, it is important to stick to a post-care plan. Most dentists recommend regular check-ups to ensure that your dental crown is working well and to address any potential issues with your tooth, even if you have a permanent solution to your dental problem.

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    How to Pay for Dental Crown Procedures

    There are multiple ways to make oral health more cost-effective, including the expenses associated with dental crowns.

    Here are the most frequent methods to make dental crown expenses more affordable.

    Get a Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Before you can open a health savings account, you need to be under a high deductible health plan to contribute and save for health expenses. Health savings accounts are a type of savings account where you can put away money specifically for medical expenses, and you can withdraw it tax-free.

    Some of the advantages of possessing a HAS account include:.

  • Your funds carry over each year if you do not utilize them.
  • The account remains open even if you switch jobs.
  • You can utilize the funds to cover healthcare costs for your relatives.
  • The funds are accessible for eligible, personal medical expenditures, such as ambulance fees, prescribed medications, and medical consultations.
  • Consider Your Local Dentistry School

    To acquire practical knowledge, these establishments consistently seek actual patients for their students. By undergoing the procedure at your nearby dental school, you can reduce the expenses associated with dental crowns.

    It might be considered a risky choice, nevertheless, individuals can expect decreased costs for dental crowns by making use of their amenities through volunteering.

    Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA)

    A flexible spending account (or flexible spending arrangement) is a pre-tax deductible that allows you to pay for healthcare costs only from your salary.

    Some employers offer it as a component of their employee perks bundle, and you have the choice to utilize your bank card to cover the costs of your dental crown.

    You can make use of the funds for the healthcare costs of your family member. You can pay for the deductible and co-payments for the dental crown.

    To ensure that you do not roll over your flexible spending accounts, it is advisable to create a plan for the next year in order to maximize the benefits it offers to your employer.

    Easy Monthly Payment Plans

    Were you aware that you can receive dental crowns in Porter Ranch, California without having to pay the entire cost?

    Dentists in the community offer several easy monthly payment plans to promote better oral healthcare for patients. They can even customize the payment plan to suit your exact income, asking for the service you provided.

    Find an Insurance-Friendly Dentist

    Numerous insurance companies will reimburse a fraction of the costs linked to dental crowns, provided that the procedure is considered medically necessary.

    Unfortunately, many patients do not end up utilizing the readily available information and service coverage. In order to determine your eligibility, you can ask your dentist to fill out the insurance-friendly paperwork on your behalf.

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