How to Draw Garfield

In today’s comedy film, the character we all came to know and find interesting is The cat. If we accidentally put raisins in his displeasure, then we can expect him to prefer lasagna. He is a lover of tasty food, always drinking the master’s milk at the same time. In this guide, we will tell you how to draw Garfield.

Step 1 – Sketch the Outlines of the Head

Draw a large rounded shape that looks like the flattened, asymmetrical oval shape of our cat’s head, just above the center of the sheet of paper.

Step 2 – Sketch the Outlines of the Body

Pay attention to the distinctive attribute of numerous cartoon styles – the head is significantly smaller than the character’s body. It bears a resemblance to a heart symbol. Sketch a compact upper body.

Step 3 – Draw Garfield’s Eyes

These extremely sizable oval forms, which represent Garfield’s pair of rounded eyes, dominate the central portion of the head. It is important to observe that the figures are positioned in close proximity.

how to draw a garfield cartoon

Step 4 – Draw Garfield’s Ears

The shape and position of Garfield’s ears are quite distinct from those of regular cats. Start by adding a few curves resembling our reference, then sketch two tiny ovals initially. Illustrate the ears of our feline friend.

Step 5 – Draw Garfield’s Pupils and Nose

Incorporate a curved contour of the nasal area. Sketch two dots inside the contours of Garfield’s eyes. We should focus on intricate elements. Consequently, we proceed with the tutorial illustrating the process of sketching Garfield.

Step 6 – Draw Garfield’s Сheeks

Have you ever noticed the outlines of Garfield’s mustache and cheeks sketched out? So, you can see that even in cartoons, this rule works with cats. Have you ever noticed how the cheeks of cats look like a smile?

how to draw garfield comics

Step 7 – Draw the Front of the Arm

Draw the outline of a human arm in a vertical position that is similar to the front paw of a cat. However, Garfield’s paws are very different from those of other cats.

Step 8 – Draw the Back of the Arm

Garfield’s digit takes on a progressively more circular shape. Utilize sleek, arched lines to shape the back border of this appendage and complete the illustration of Garfield’s forelimb.

Step 9 – Draw Garfield’s Legs

Frequently, it is likely that you come across a comparable method. The artistic style is highly characteristic of elongated and slender legs, tracing the contours of Garfield’s hind limbs.

garfield drawing easy

Step 10 – Sketch the Tops of Garfield’s Paws

Use Garfield’s torso and head as a guide. Pay attention to the smooth length of these lines. Draw the upper parts of Garfield’s rounded paws.

Step 11 – Sketch Garfield’s Feet

The front sections of the paws create sizable, circular digits. The circular shapes of the ankles and direct edges of the feet are located on the opposite end. Sketch the bottom sections of Garfield’s paws.

Step 12 – Sketch Garfield’s Tail

Smooth lines draw it. On the floor, this tail rests and hangs down in our example. Tail massive, large a has Garfield.

garfield drawing pencil

Step 13 – Delete Guide Lines

Everyone knows the typical dark stripe pattern of Garfield, so carefully look and try to sketch all the flaws and mistakes you find. After that, draw these stripes on the forehead and tail, and notice the stripes.

Step 14 – Color Garfield

The primary hue, when contrasted with the softer tones on the lips and cheeks, gives a sense of familiarity and easily identifiable Garfield appearance, or alternatively, employ conventional shades to generate a fresh aesthetic.

How to Draw Garfield

Many cats are still famous in the world and attract a lot of attention from the media. The topic of “cat” has not been closed yet, as there are still many cats that are well-known. Can you tell us how to create a feline color? You did a great job, just make sure to check if there are any extra lines inside the drawing. Garfield is always ready and in a funny position!