How to Foil a Burglar: 14 Ways to Outsmart a Thief

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  • Ensure that your doors, windows, and garage are securely locked every time you depart from your residence.
  • Deter thieves by shutting your window coverings and concealing valuable possessions.
  • Create the illusion that your home is occupied when you’re away by utilizing a timer to switch on your lights and television.
  • Invest in a residential security system to discourage intruders and provide yourself with a sense of tranquility.
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    How do I protect myself in my home?

    Asher Smiley

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    Asher Smiley

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    Create a game plan to follow in the event that someone breaks into your home. Go through every single room in your home and consider what you’d do during a burglary. What are your options in this exact location? Do you run away or fight back? If you fight back, what found weapons can you use? Thinking about these factors helps you to be more prepared.

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