‘I thought my World Cup was over’: Neymar reveals injury fear after goal

Neymar admitted that he feared his World Cup was over after spraining his ankle two weeks ago, but he made a return with a goalscoring performance as South Korea earned a 4-1 rout over Croatia in the quarter-final on Friday, earning a tribute from the Brazilian medical staff.

Bento, the manager for South Korea, proved to be a consolation by exiting the last-16 following their quitting. A thunderbolt second-half goal by Seung-Paik within 36 minutes helped Brazil turn a four-goal lead into a lead, with goals from Lucas Paquetá, Richarlison, Neymar, Júnior, and Vínicius.

“I am confident that he will soon become healthier. I wish Pelé the best,” said Neymar. “It is challenging to express in words. Pelé, who is 82 years old, has been denied palliative care and is currently hospitalized, but one of his daughters is with him. Neymar, who carried a banner bearing the name of Brazil’s legendary player Pelé, converted a penalty within the first half to score a goal, breaking Pelé’s record.”

“When I couldn’t find the strength to look for encouragement in messages, I tried to rely on the support of my family and colleagues. “It helped my recovery,” he said. However, I was afraid of not being able to play in the World Cup again after sustaining an injury against Serbia. I was thinking of a million different things,” Neymar worried about his tournament.”

Tite mentioned, “I make an effort to adjust to my players.” The 61-year-old head coach rehearsed at the team hotel, the Samba dance, which he participated in with his players, to commemorate with Tite, Richarlison headed towards the Brazil sideline after scoring.

They are very young and have a lot of love for making jokes and dancing. I said to them, “I had to learn how to move.” We kept playing around, but they are very difficult and tight. “That’s what dance is,” I said, and Richarlison was there too. “If I do it, will you do it?” I asked. There are various people who will say it was disrespectful. I didn’t want it to be misinterpreted, and I always know there’s a camera.

Tite said, “It is very difficult to substitute a goalkeeper because it makes the whole team happy and it is a very good opportunity when we have it.” As the first team in the history of the World Cup to feature in the finals at the age of 26, the Brazilian squad in Qatar now includes three goalkeepers, including Weverton in place of Alisson for 10 minutes of play. Tite made five changes during the game, including the introduction of Weverton.

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Bento stated that he will step down after their departure, with the Portuguese coach confirming that he had made up his mind in September to depart after their World Cup campaign ended. “I have recently informed the players and the president of the confederation that I had already made [the decision] back in September,” Bento stated.

I’m very proud to have been their manager. They have given their very best and I have to thank them for everything. Today, I have just confirmed that this decision was set in stone.