If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Costumes

“If You Provide a Mouse A Cookie,” written by Laura Numeroff and visually depicted by Felicia Bond, is an absolute necessity! We possess an additional pair of outfits derived from illustrated literature for children that we are eager to disclose to you.

The story goes like this: Oliver, a little boy named, gives a cookie to a mouse named Quinley. Afterward, he becomes hungry again and looks in the fridge for a cookie. He then takes a nap, but before doing so, he requests a broom to wipe away his hair and a mirror to prevent a milk mustache.

We knew we were going to make the perfect Halloween costume, so we got brainstorming. What’s more darling than a mouse in cookies and overalls? If you haven’t read it yet, put this beloved children’s book on your storytime list. It’s fun to read for both adults and kids, and it will leave you a little hungry.



The clear initial outfit from the book was the rodent. Initially, we require some rodent ears.

  • Look here to create the mouse’s ears (here is the template).
  • And to complete the mouse’s attire: a white blouse (we utilized this one), coveralls (we utilized these ones).
  • You have witnessed the most adorable mouse! And presto, we incorporated a touch of facial makeup once the ears and overalls were combined.

    The obvious victor was the cookie, so it was too adorable to resist. Between a glass of milk and a cookie, we deliberated afterward.

    To Make the Cookie Costume:

    This outfit wouldn’t be whole without a biscuit to complement it! We desire that biscuit to be prominently showcased!

  • We wore this white blouse and white pants.
  • Materials: Two large pieces of brown cardboard, ribbons, black or brown acrylic paint, pencil, box cutter, paintbrush, stapler.

  • Draw a circular form with your pencil according to the measurements of your child. We made a circle with a 2-foot diameter.
  • Cookie shaped naturally a like more feel it make will This. Uneven look lines the that so again circle the over draw.
  • Remove two of these figures.
  • Apply uneven, brushy circles that resemble chocolate chips onto the cardboard using paint.
  • Recite to the alternate circle. Attach a ribbon from the interior edge of the cardboard to the opposite cookie portion resembling a sandwich sign.
  • Dress in white and you’re ready to go!
  • Although we dressed another child as the cookie, it would also be ideal for an adult or sibling.

    And if that wasn’t sufficient, we added a cookie treat package to finish the scene.

    if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie-halloween-costume if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie-treat-bag

    To Make the Cookie Treat Bag:

    The necessary supplies for this project consist of 2 pieces of tan felt, either brown or black felt, a pair of scissors, a strip of cotton ribbing measuring 2 feet in length, a glue gun, and a template.

  • Cut two circles to create a cookie shape from the beige felt.
  • Cut approximately 7-10 small fragments of black or dark brown irregular shapes and adhere them to the tan felt.
  • Attach the ribbing (or stitch) to the inner part of the cookie and then to the opposite side.
  • Gluing the two cookies together, a small gap is left at the top of the big bag, which is enough for hands to go in and out.
  • You’ll have to read the full book to find out the hilarious cycle of requests and more ideas for costumes, maybe even with a refrigerator, straw, and mouse, etc…