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We are looking to start a new business or bounce house rental and are interested in finding a better rate on your existing rental party insurance coverage. We have a comprehensive guide to help you with your insurance needs, whether you are looking for coverage for your rental inflatables or for your new business venture.

Unable to find coverage insurance elsewhere, we represent all the best programs in the industry. We are not here at the CIA, but many companies in the industry are pulling out and offering different insurance programs. Our specialized staff specializes in finding competitive insurance quotes for your individual risks, whether you have an indoor inflatable business or need Party Equipment Rental Insurance. Insurance Cossio provides low-cost, quality insurance for inflatable jumpers, slides, inflatable houses, and bounce houses.

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Cossio Insurance Agency, recognized as the premier party rental insurance provider in the country, is renowned within the entertainment sector. What sets us apart is our exceptional customer service, expertise in the field, convenient online applications, and valuable resources designed for our clients.


Rapid Inflatable Internet Applications (Faster).

  • Application for Renting Inflatable Equipment.
  • Broker Application.
  • Indoor Application of Inflatable Structures.
  • PDF Applications (more sluggish).

  • PDF for Renting Inflatable items.
  • Indoor Air-filled Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • We specialize in providing insurance coverage for inflatable devices, amusement houses, and bounce houses at affordable prices. As a business that focuses on centers indoor and companies rental inflatable, we offer more than just entertainment programs. Our priority is to ensure that you, as the owner and operator, have the proper insurance coverage for your units. We take into consideration your experience in the inflatable industry when providing insurance quotes. So, don’t hesitate to see what our customers are saying about our services.