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Finding the best combination of cost and coverage in insurance can be a daunting task, which is why we make the process simple and explain the terms and coverages in a way that you can understand exactly how your money is being spent.

Quick Quotes & Service

We recognize that your time is valuable, which is why we are highly proficient and thorough in all the assignments we manage for you.

Choice Of Carriers

We actively explore the insurance marketplace to discover the optimal balance between price and protection for you.

Technology Focused

Our organization utilizes technology to offer you the customer and service encounter you are entitled to.

Tomlinson Insurance is truly your partner in protection


  • Locally Owned & Operated

    When you purchase your insurance from us, you are supporting a small/local business and a team of individuals who have a vested interest in your well-being. We have been conducting business in our community for decades.

  • Personalized & Prompt Service

    Whenever you have an inquiry or require support regarding a claim or alteration in policy, we are constantly available. This is precisely why we understand your distress and the reason you feel exasperated and exhausted from receiving evasive responses, when all you desire is to communicate with a person.

  • Here When You Need Us Most

    At that specific instant and nothing more, you are our utmost concern. Be confident, in the unfortunate scenario that the worst were to occur, you can rely on tailor-made insurance coverage to safeguard the way of life you have built for yourself. The primary objective of insurance is to provide protection in case of any claims.

  • If you’ve felt confused by insurance in the past and want a simpler, faster option, Tomlinson Insurance is your solution

    Today, start a conversation with us. Our team of friendly insurance advisors is here to simplify the process of finding the optimal coverage.

    Whether it’s you, your family or your business, we can create a coverage plan specifically for your unique needs

    Personal Insurance

    Whether it’s homeowners, automobile, boat, motorcycle or any other type of insurance, we can assist you.

    Business Insurance

    We provide insurance for numerous businesses of various types and sizes.

    Specialty Insurance

    Our agency can also assist with specialized insurance coverages.

    Insurance is never just about price, but we deliver when it comes to lowering your rates

    At Insurance Tomlinson, we regularly find better rates than many big insurance companies by just a few dollars. The proof is in the pudding – we represent multiple carriers, allowing us to shop the market for the best possible coverage package at the best cost.

  • 47% Lower Rates vs. Allstate


  • 26% Lower Rates vs. State Farm


  • 32% Lower Rates vs. Geico


  • 41% Lower Rates vs. Liberty Mutual


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    Our process is simple. Start online, and we’ll reach out to complete your coverage comparison.

    Start a conversation with us today to make the process of finding the best coverage simple. Our team of amiable insurance advisors is here.

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    Provide essential information on our website.

  • We Compare Carriers

    We compare prices from various carriers for you.

  • You Choose

    Choose the insurance plan that suits your preferences the most.