Is Gwen Stacy Trans in the Comics? Is Gwen Stacy Trans in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’?

Gwen identifies as a transgender individual, and the online sphere is filled with fan speculations proposing a connection to Gwen Stacy’s gender identity in “Across the Spider-Verse.” Much has been discussed on this matter, and a fresh online debate has emerged recently.

Since its release, the movie has sparked several counterclaims and claims on the internet. Many have argued over the subtle hints in the movie that suggest Gwen’s father has a uniform flag showing his support for the “protect trans kids” movement.

Following the premiere of “Beyond the Spider-Verse,” definitive clarity regarding Gwen’s cisgender identity will gradually emerge. However, the dynamics between Gwen’s character and her relationships with other Spider-Verse characters may exhibit slight variations compared to the comic book and film adaptations.

Overshadowed by the transgender discussion, the remarkable animation and perfect soundtrack have somewhat been surrounded by allegations that the creators have subtly suggested Gwen’s cisgender identity in the film at various points.

Is Gwen Stacy Trans in the Comics

In her Earth 65, Gwen, the book’s version, transforms into Spider-Woman after being bitten by a radioactive spider, while Peter Parker undergoes a transformation into a lizard due to a dangerous mixture. Although Gwen Stacy is not portrayed as transgender in the comic, she is simply a female adaptation of Peter Parker. However, the character development holds greater significance, making this particular version of Gwen Stacy highly cherished among comic enthusiasts.

The film clearly highlights the transgender aspect of the character, indicating that the significance lies in both versions of Gwen Stacy, in Earth 65 and Earth 616, where she is romantically involved with Peter Parker prior to her demise.

Ironically, her demise on Earth 616 led to her resurrection as a significantly more formidable Spider-Woman on Earth 65.

Does Gwen Stacy Identify as Transgender in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’?

Is Gwen Stacy Trans In ‘Across the Spider-Verse’

In the film, where they are simply friends, the entire transgender aspect only gains momentum with Gwen’s altered connection with Miles, as she is the romantic partner of Peter Parker and even tied the knot with Miles, whereas in the comics, Gwen’s gender identity remains quite conventional.

Some fans even argued that Stacy Gwen and another man have a different interpretation of the flag on her father’s uniform, which she has already come out as transgender.

Others simply believe that Gwen’s identity has been far too quiet of a topic, and some fans have picked up subtle hints from the movie as references to justify their claims. Sony and the makers of the movie have neither confirmed nor denied anything in regard to this, which has only added to the curiosity of fans.

In relation to her experience of publicly revealing her identity as a transgender woman, some individuals highlighted her ‘I have two facets’ monologue in the film. As the movie progressed, Gwen garnered attention for wearing costumes that featured the colors of the transgender pride flag, which caught the attention of observant fans. This sparked a widespread discussion.

It is evident in particular scenes that Gwen’s hair color blends into shades of white, pink, and blue, signifying her persistent struggle to confess her true identity to her father, Captain Stacy.

Perhaps many fans have been much more compelled to think that the makers of the movie were never really aware of all this symbolism, as Gwen never explicitly portrayed it along the way.

Why Do Fans Believe Gwen Stacy Is Not Transgender?

While there are enough discussions on the internet that believe some theories that a lot of artistic movie fans still have blown out of proportion, whether the character is cisgender or transgender.

Anyone who has watched previous installments of the Spider-Verse films is aware of the budding romance between Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, and the association they have with the Multiverse Spider.

In the last part of the trilogy, it can be debated that the relationship between Gwen and Miles will become more romantically inclined. Despite this, there are still numerous dedicated fans who support the pairing of the two characters. When Miles Morales encounters and develops romantic feelings for an unfamiliar Gwen Stacy from a different dimension, it adds another element that cannot be ignored. In an alternate reality, this is bound to strengthen the bond between Gwen and Miles, even though in Earth-8, they have been married and have children for ten years.

Users on the microblogging platforms have also shared their opinions on how they believe the entire transgender aspect is meaningless.

Gwen is transitioning to demonstrate that ‘proof’ is lacking in the film and there are numerous theories that fans have argued are based on vague interpretations.

The publication of the last installment of the trilogy will solely lay to rest all the conjectures, even though it is uncertain if Gwen is transgender herself, it is evident that she backs those who are. The primary storylines of the graphic novel and film are consistently somewhat distinct, yet it is also noteworthy to mention.

What do you think? Did Stacy’s fans misinterpret support for Gwen being transgender? Are the connecting dots unnecessarily being made? Did the movie makers suggest canonically that she is a transwoman? Let us know what you think!