Is Sally Field Married? Who Is Sally Field Married To?

Is Sally Field in a Matrimonial Relationship?

Alan Greisman

She once expressed in an interview with AARP The Magazine that she clearly lacks proficiency in the field of marriage. Although her second marriage ended a long time ago, Sally Field has been married twice, initially to Steven Craig and then to Alan Greisman whom she wedded in 1984. With her recent return to the spotlight, many individuals are intrigued by Sally Field’s personal life. Presently, she is appearing alongside other actors in the sports comedy film “80 For Brady” set to release in 2023. The actress, who rose to fame through her role in TV’s “The Flying Nun” during the 1960s and was awarded an Emmy in 2001 for her recurring character in “ER,” is highly regarded for her performances in various popular movies such as “Forrest Gump” and “Steel Magnolias.” Additionally, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned figures in the industry, including Burt Reynolds, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Pierce Brosnan, Robert Downey Jr., And numerous others. At the age of 76, Sally Field is a well-known and cherished actress who is currently co-starring in the 2023 sports comedy film “80 For Brady.”

Steven Craig

According to the Associated Press, Sally Field tied the knot with Steven Craig in 1968, and they were high school sweethearts. Steven worked as a producer in the film and television industries. They had two sons during their marriage who went on to flourishing careers in the entertainment field. Sally’s eldest son, Peter Craig, is a renowned screenwriter and novelist, acknowledged for major successes like “Top Gun: Maverick,” “The Batman,” and the “Hunger Games” film series. Her younger son, Eli Craig, is an actor and director, recognized for his contributions to “Zombieland,” “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil,” and “Little Evil.”.

Sally Field Offspring

Following a duration of three years, their matrimony concluded in 1975, however, the pair also welcomed a son named Eli in 1972. Sally experienced motherhood for the first instance when her oldest child, Peter, was born in 1969 during her marriage to Steven Craig. The acclaimed actress, recognized for her portrayal in “Smokey and the Bandit,” takes immense pride in being a mother to her sons, Peter Craig, Eli Craig, and Sam Greisman. Although Sally Field has journeyed across the globe as a renowned Hollywood actress, nothing brings her greater joy than spending quality time with her three children.