‘It is unacceptable’ — 7-year-old shot in Akron field after pee-wee football game; police search for shooter

The incident took place at Akron’s Lane Field, around 4 p.M., While the vicinity was filled with children and their parents. In close proximity to the playground in the area, Tyren Thompson, a 7-year-old, was wounded after completing his football match.

The residents nearby are tired of the violence. The police chief is urging the community to provide solutions and unite at this moment.

A caller in one of the numerous 911 calls that inundated Akron’s dispatch center reported, “We require law enforcement at Lane Field. There is gunfire occurring in this area. I believe someone has been injured.”

Witnesses saw a 19-year-old man get shot in the hip and Tyren — a second grader — got shot in the chest.

“It’s a child’s game. It’s a youthful game. They’re holding the young child. They’re sprinting with him,” a 911 caller said.

The incident occurred close to the playground structure, as mentioned by a witness who engaged in a conversation with an officer captured on body camera footage. The gunshots dispersed, and the individual responsible for firing them was transported to a hospital while the authorities swiftly arrived at the location, involving a young boy.

Akron parents and children form a prayer circle at Lane Field on August 21, praying for change in city park security.

On August 21, the Akron City leaders and parents of more than 100 children held a community prayer circle, demanding further measures to enhance security in the city park, specifically at Field Lane.

Councilwoman Margo Sommerville of Ward 3 in Akron told News 5 that the city will implement greater safety measures and increased security requirements for pee-wee football programs, as well as conduct a reassessment of the security protocol at the park.

Sommerville stated that in order for you to obtain your permission to participate, there must be a law enforcement presence. “We need to monitor our fields, we have surveillance cameras, we need to ensure that the cameras are functional, are they operational. In case incidents occur, can we review the recorded material and identify the individuals responsible for committing these offenses,” he mentioned. If there is a team that desires to play on a municipal field.

As of Monday evening, he was in a critical state at Akron Children’s Hospital. The young boy went through a surgical procedure and will require additional surgeries, according to the authorities.

On Sunday night, Chief Steve Mylett of the Akron Police visited the hospital and prayed with the family. The results said that a 7-year-old is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Mylett expressed his disapproval, stating, “It is not tolerable. It is not tolerable, we employ language, it’s simply distressing, to witness that young child in that expansive bed with the distress that was inflicted upon him.”

Witnesses informed the police that another child, aged between 11 and 15, appeared to be the shooter, further fueling the outrage.

The authorities are attempting to determine whether there was an additional assailant. Thus far, no individuals have been prosecuted.

Mylett stated, “We possess some excellent witnesses who provided us with valuable information.” “We are pursuing leads. I prefer not to delve into that particular aspect.”

Ashley York stated that her thirteen-year-old son went to the field to witness pee-wee football games, heard the sound of gunfire, and quickly returned home.

“He actually told me about a 7-year-old getting shot, and he said that somebody was shooting at a football game,” York said.

She mentioned that the community needs to take action to ensure the safety of children. Crystal Williams is also involved in a pee-wee football league, which is a separate part of Field Lane.

Williams stated, “Who can predict what will occur in the future? If we fail to take a stand at this moment for our children, we must strive to close that divide.”

After the horrifying shooting, Mylett is urging community and faith-based leaders, along with parents, to unite.

He stated, “Ensuring the safety and well-being of our children is what parents need to know. We are fighting for the physical safety and overall security of our children.”