Italy in June: all you need to know to plan a perfect trip (2023 update)

Planning a trip to Italy in June? Here’s what you need to know: what to expect from the weather, when to book, and the best places to visit during this time.

June is one of the best months to visit Italy, as it offers trips to the beach, dining outdoors, and good weather.

June is the final favorable month for exploring before the sweltering Italian summer, and a delightful month nearly everywhere in Italy.

I adore exploring various parts of Italy in the month of June, and I do it extensively.

I always use the month of June for my Italy trips every year, and the end of the school year is always the most memorable. I never wish the month would end each year, as June is truly a wonderful month for my trips to Italy. June is a truly beautiful month to visit my country. I am Italian, from Rome.

This is my guide to help you plan your trip to Italy in June, based on my extensive personal experience in Italy during the month of June.

Refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected. Please refer to your government’s official travel advisory for information on how your trip may be affected.

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  • Summary of the climate in Italy during June.
  • Festivities and events in Italy during the month of June.
  • Suggested destinations to explore in Italy in June.
  • Traveling to Italy in June with children.
  • What should I reserve ahead of time for June in Italy?
  • For packing advice, check out my complete packing checklist for June in Italy.

    What to book in advance for spending June in Italy

    June is bustling in Italy; making reservations for all major attractions is essential.

    Attractions that require prior reservation are:

  • The Last Supper (Milan).
  • Uffizi Gallery (Florence).
  • The Museums of the Vatican, located in Vatican City, Rome.
  • Colosseum (Rome).
  • Trains generally do not require advanced booking.

    As soon as you have your travel dates for Rome to Florence, it is a good idea to secure tickets. However, keep in mind that popular routes like high-speed trains from Florence to Rome tend to have only expensive or sold-out options available.

    You can discover here >>> my comprehensive guide to train transportation in Italy.

    I always suggest reserving lodging as soon as you can. My preferred booking platform is booking.Com.

    They offer a wide range of lodging choices and exceptional free cancellation opportunities as well.

  • Their website.
  • Their page for searching villas.
  • Their page for searching rentals.
  • I hope you enjoyed your quick guide to Italy in June. Also, don’t forget to check out our extra information and travel tips for Italy. Safe travel planning!

    This post was originally published in 2021 and has now been fully updated with tips and information, as well as photos from our trips around Italy in May 2023.

    The weather in Italy in June: what to expect

    June marks the beginning of the summer season in Italy.

    As the month comes to a close, specifically, you can anticipate a few scorching days and a combination of enjoyable ones, temperatures gradually increase throughout this month.

    Exploring and visiting coastal areas, this is a favorable month. Especially at lower elevations, it can also be an ideal month for trekking.

    This is not an absolute rule; however, Southern Italy tends to be warmer than the northern and central parts. In June, you can expect good weather with sunny days and mild to hot temperatures.

    You can expect areas at higher altitudes to be more moderate, while coastal areas and cities tend to be hot/warm. The real feel of the temperature is influenced by factors such as the sea and altitude, as well as other factors like north-south orientation.

    There is a possibility of precipitation; however, when it showers in Italy in June, the rainfall is typically brief.

    Unless you are planning to go to the mountains, where rain is a common occurrence and the weather is often changeable, you usually do not need to worry about rain.

    At first sight, the climate in Italy in June is:.

    Name of the place Temperature Low/High Rainy days (average)
    Milan, Lombardy 27C/81F – 18C/64F 6
    Venice, Veneto 26C/70F – 17C/63F 7
    Florence, Tuscany 29C/84F – 16C/61F 5
    Rome, Lazio 28C/82F – 17C/63F 3
    Amalfi, Campania 27C/81F – 22C/72F 4
    Palermo, Sicily 28C/82F – 21C/70F 1

    In the first part of the month, during the evening, you will mostly wear light layers, possibly with sandals and summer clothes. This means that you will practice dressing in this way.

    June in Italy: festivities and holidays you need to know about

  • On the 2nd of June, Italy celebrates Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day), which is a national holiday.
  • On Republic Day in Italy, many offices and public offices are closed to celebrate the day, with people going out for trips and meals.

    Most people will make the most out of the long weekend by going out of town, which falls on Friday, June 2nd, 2023.

    Anticipate that transportation, lodging, and tourist spots will be at their peak activity.

    Tourist services are typically in high demand and restaurants in busy tourist spots are usually open in full operation on Republic Day.

    Planning too much for your impact may not be necessary, but it might be required to plan a little while because not every day is definitely open.

    The biggest public event happening in Italy on June 2nd is the Presidential visit to the Altar of the Fatherland in Rome.

    The President pays tribute to the tomb of the unidentified soldier while visiting the Altar of the Fatherland (Rome) on the morning of June 2nd, typically around 9.30 am.

    The acrobatic military aircraft ‘Frecce Tricolore’ put on an impressive aerial display during this event, which can be easily seen from the city center!

    The festivities also involve a military procession, typically along Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome.

    June 2nd is an important event for the authorities, not necessarily attracting a lot of visitors, but treating the locals like any other off day.

    Celebrated on this day, the festivities of St Peter’s and Paul signify a day of conclusion, with particularly the Vatican commemorating a celebration in Rome on the 29th of June.

    Toddler-friendly places to visit in June in Italy

    June is a delightful time to travel to Italy with young children.

    At this time, especially in the early part of the month, you are likely to get good weather yet not scorching heat.

    Some great destinations to explore in Italy during June with young children are:

  • A generally secure, adequately catered, and suitable for families ambiance, a play area, pram-friendly lakeside strolls, pleasant towns, and Lake Garda, a delightful region to explore with young children.
  • Beautiful surroundings in Varenna, situated on the lake, featuring several attractive playgrounds, it offers a delightful experience at Lake Como, ideal for those seeking a peaceful getaway with young children.
  • In Tuscany, an uncommon occurrence, the allure of a medieval Tuscan town is combined with a level and pedestrian-friendly city center in Lucca, which happens to be one of my preferred towns in Italy for young children.
  • Puglia, particularly the region of Monopoli, offers a delightful combination of coastal areas and quaint villages.
  • Southern Tuscany, a lovely area with small kids, especially around the town of family-friendly Castiglion della Pescaia, which has a nice beach.
  • Cefalu’, a breathtaking Sicilian coastal town with a beach suitable for young children.
  • The best places to visit in Italy in June

    June is truly a lovely month in Italy, and you can find beauty almost anywhere. It is difficult to pick the best destination in Italy as June is such a wonderful month.

    That being said, I personally believe that certain locations are superior to others.

    Rome – the best city to visit in Italy in June

    June is beautiful in Rome, it is one of my preferred months in the city!

    The outdoor attractions in Rome are all simply charming to explore, as the flowers are already in full bloom in June. The Forum, the Colosseum, and the piazza are all delightful outdoor attractions that showcase the beauty of Rome in June when the flowers are in full bloom.

    As a resident of the city, I have several useful suggestions to offer you regarding your visit in June!

    You can discover my complete guide to exploring Rome in June here.

    Information required:

    The accessibility and transportation to some attractions are usually affected by this. The official celebrations of Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) take place in the areas surrounding Piazza Venezia on June 2nd.

    Visit the website of the attractions you intend to visit on this day to find out about any unique preparations (if applicable).

    Expect delays on the roads if you’re going out of town for the day, as it is a popular day at the most possible attractions and a day off in Rome. June 29th is a day off in Rome, which celebrates its patron saints.

    Venice in June

    June is a lovely month to visit Venice, especially in the first part of the month when the temperature is still mild.

    woman sitting on pier in venice in summer clothing

    With unique design and structure, Lido is a charming coastal region in Venice that is worth visiting if you experience a sunny day. Cannaregio can also be delightful during this period, as well as Rialto, the Doge’s Palace, and Piazza San Marco.

    The lagoon islands of Murano and Burano are also must-see attractions at this time.

    You can discover our guides to Venice at the subsequent links:.

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  • Exploring Venice with children (see below).
  • Tuscany in June

    Tuscany and its undulating hills experience a enchanting period in June.

    In Tuscany, you can enjoy sitting on one of the many beaches under the sun, as well as spending long days sightseeing. The weather is mild and the hills are luscious and green during this time.

    The top destinations to explore in Tuscany in June are:.

  • Florence – excessively warm in summer, chilly in winter but ideal in spring.
  • Val d’Orcia – a region in Tuscany with such exceptional natural beauty, it has been designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • San Gimignano – charming medieval city and Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • Siena – One of the most stunning little towns in Italy, with a marvelous historical town center.
  • Lucca – a beautiful town with a charming center and the opportunity to bike along its ancient walls.
  • Montalcino – a town famous for its wine, ideal for wine enthusiasts.
  • Montepulciano – one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany and my personal preference.
  • Pienza – constructed during the Renaissance as the ideal town, no less!
  • San Quirico d’Orcia – a charming medieval town in the center of breathtaking Val d’Orcia.
  • Monticchiello – a charming rural village ideal for immersing oneself in tranquil countryside surroundings.
  • Bagno Vignoni and Saturnia are two thermal destinations that feature some of the finest thermal springs in Tuscany.
  • Umbria in June

    Often regarded as the younger sibling of Tuscany, Umbria is breathtaking in every season and can be a delightful experience in June.

    View of Assisi, Umbria, with green hills and trees in the foreground

    During this time of the year, you can usually enjoy long days along the shores of the beautiful Trasimeno lake region, where museums and restaurants are abundant and the weather is warm.

    Some must-see attractions include:

  • The town is filled with extraordinary flower art during the ‘infiorata’ (flower festival) happening in June – Spello, an incredible small village with a unique charm!
  • Orvieto – a breathtaking hilltop city with a rich historical background and one of Italy’s most exquisite cathedrals (the Duomo).
  • Gubbio – an enchanting medieval town on the foothills of a breathtaking mountain, magnificent in early summer.
  • Assisi – the renowned and breathtaking city of St Francis.
  • Citta’ di Castello – a stunning Renaissance city.
  • Puglia in June

    Puglia is one of my preferred locations in Italy during the month of June.

    Along the coastline, particularly in June in Puglia, the weather will be sunny and reminiscent of summer, without reaching uncomfortably high temperatures. It will be even warmer and more pleasant compared to other locations on this list.

    trani italy view

    Some amazing attractions to explore in Puglia currently are.

  • Trani – a beautiful, quaint village with a breathtaking church overlooking the ocean (a sight!).
  • Martina Franca – a charming, painted town with magnificent churches in a distinctive Baroque style known as ‘Barocco Martinese’.
  • Alberobello – the renowned village of trulli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Throughout the area, charming balconies and houses painted in white adorn the picturesque small town of Locorotondo (which is highly regarded and even receives a yearly award!).
  • You can witness all of them through a brief journey: you can discover our 3-day Puglia travel plan here.

    Matera in June

    In addition to your wonderful destination in Italy, Matera, you can also consider adding another itinerary for the month of June, as it is located close to the Basilicata region in Puglia.

    Matera is renowned for its cave churches and underground residences and can be delightful in the spring or summer.

    The beginning of June can bring lovely temperatures to make this city wonderful for sightseeing and easy to do justice. However, the summer can be hot, and the winter here is particularly harsh.

    You can discover our manual to Matera right here.

    Sicily in June

    June is a delightful month to explore Sicili and the final month before the blistering summer arrives on the island.

    In June, Sicily is a good time for cultural tourism as temperatures steadily rise during the month; however, if you want to be close to water, it is also a great time to go to the beach.

    Some of the places we adore in Sicily are:

  • Scopello – a delightful little village with a stunning, historic ‘tonnara’ (tuna fishing station, still functioning as a cultural/event venue).
  • Palermo – one of the most stunning cities in Italy.
  • Taormina – a town with a magnificent ancient theater and glamorous town center with boutiques and accommodations.
  • Siracusa – an amazing town with a historic city center and one of the top archaeological parks in Italy.
  • Noto Valley – UNESCO World Heritage Site owes its recognition to the existence of distinctive baroque towns.
  • You can discover our suggested Sicily travel plan here.

    Amalfi Coast in June

    June can be a wonderful time to visit the Amalfi Coast. However, the crowds have not yet reached their peak during this time. Additionally, tourism services are in full swing and you are likely to experience lovely weather, as well as have the opportunity to spend time at the beach.

    Colorful houses of Procida island from the sea
    Procida, Beautiful island in the mediterranean sea coast, naples, italy. The colorful harbour of La Corricella

    During this season, the enchanting Mediterranean havens of Procida, Ischia, or Capri, which are not only situated on the mainland but also extend to the surrounding islands, are definitely worth considering for your stay.

    You can discover our guides to the Amalfi Coast at the subsequent links:.

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  • Exploring the Amalfi Coast with children (refer to the information below).
  • Cinque Terre in June

    June is among the top months for exploring Cinque Terre.

    The weather is oppressively hot and not mild, stunning the views. Always check the specific weather conditions for the days of your trip, as trails tend to be open at this time.

    Ensure that you make a reservation ahead of time because there is never a quiet period at this location!

    Discover our Cinque Terre guides at the provided links:

  • A brief overview of the villages in Cinque Terre.
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  • Exploring Cinque Terre with children.
  • This picture was taken in Cinque Terre in June of last year!

    My and my kids in June in Italy Cinque Terre

    Sardinia in June

    If you want to avoid the summer of the excessive temperatures but still want a beach break, which makes it appealing, the weather is likely to be warm and nice at this time. June in Sardinia is ideal if you want to hit the sun and sea before the holiday crowds.

    The Italian Lakes in June

    June is a lovely time to visit the Italian lakes, as you are likely to get pleasant temperatures and sunny days for beach outings and hikes. However, especially at the beginning of the month, the weather around the northern Italian lakes can be unpredictable.

    If you are dreaming of a day on the shores of both Como Lake and Garda Lake, you will find that they are very different from each other, but each offers scenic beaches to enjoy.

    Lenno small beach Lake Como

    Traveling to Italy in June with children.

    June can be a lovely time to visit Italy, as the weather allows kids to spend time playing in the park and enjoying the spring sun for at least a part of their stay.

    Some destinations that I believe are suitable for children at this moment are:

    Exploring Florence with kids is always delightful as it offers a pleasant climate without being too hot.

    Venice with children – amazing if you also desire to visit the shorelines in the vicinity.

    Tuscany with children – June offers the ideal climate for exploring hilltop towns.

    Rome with children – packed with indoor and outdoor attractions suitable for individuals of all age groups.

    Sicily with children – gentle and stunning, ideal for family sightseeing and days spent at the seaside.

    The Amalfi Coast is perfect for families with children – an ideal location for spending days on a boat!

    Cinque Terre with children – delightful for trekking and savoring the quaint towns.

    Sardinia with children – ideal for a beach and sunshine getaway.

    Spending time with children at Lake Garda is a delightful opportunity to go on hikes and enjoy the lakeside.

    Are you looking for recommendations for a family vacation in Italy? Explore my carefully selected list of the best attractions to visit in Italy with kids right here.

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