‘It’s almost speechless’: Dustin Johnson tumbles to worst score at U.S. Open

LOS ANGELES — Dustin Johnson birdied his subsequent hole. He recovered, although that also suggests this:.

He had jumped. And that he certainly did.

Throughout the week, Johnson took a total of eight strokes to complete the challenging hole. To make matters worse, he concluded the hole on a very negative note. Starting the second round of the U.S. Open at the Los Angeles Country Club on Friday, he was two shots behind the leader. With an overall score of six-under, Johnson began the second round on the par-4 2nd hole, where he had previously won two major tournaments.

Johnson, who missed his initial two shots on Friday, managed to achieve a perfect record of 13 out of 13 in that particular category. During his first-round score of 64, he exclusively hit fairways, which is worth mentioning. However, his drive landed in the left fairway bunker, resulting in a collection of disappointing shots as anticipated.

“Wow, this could pose a significant issue,” expressed analyst Arron Oberholser on the Peacock broadcast. He found himself in further predicament. The ball landed deeply in the left rough, it only traveled a distance of 95 yards, and it narrowly avoided incurring a second stroke on the second hole.

“Everyone is bound to make errors. However, it is crucial to bounce back,” expressed analyst Morgan Pressel. “We have consistently discussed this matter – amplifying your errors. This is something that cannot be done in a U.S. Open.”

There were lurking dangers, but there were also birdies. It is now clear what can be seen. He found trouble on the first two holes and talked about his key to playing well in his round yesterday. He talked about his key to playing well in his round yesterday. He talked about his key to playing well in his round yesterday. He was driving the ball. He talked about his key to playing well in his round yesterday. Then, the ball only went 60 yards and dropped into the red-penalty-marked Barranca. Did Johnson have trouble finding his ball first? No, he did not. He had a three-stroke penalty on hole number two.

Did Johnson take a penalty stroke on the 4th hole? He dropped his ball behind the barranca.

It’s lifeless. Oh no. Exclaimed Oberholser: “Uh oh.” Exclaimed announcer Steve Sands: “Oh no.” This was unfavorable, as well. DJ slumped. It soared over the putting surface, from a distance of 57 yards. Fifth stroke?

Matt Fitzpatrick of England reacts to his shot from the 15th tee resulting in a hole in one during the second round of the 123rd U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club on June 16, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

Defending U.S. Open champion makes ace, neglects to watch it drop

By: Jack Hirsh

It’s rare to see such a talented player make so many consecutive mistakes. It’s almost speechless to see him misjudge things so poorly. That’s the only place where you can’t be for long.

Making poor decisions in this high-pressure environment can lead to compounding errors, which is the moment when you lose mentally. That’s all I can do; that’s all I can see, just his hand movement right there. Pressel said he was trying to drip something off the fringe, just as good as he could do. Johnson chipped it to the fringe, but it was touchy. The green sloped down from right to left, and DJ pitched it away, but there was little he could do. From 37 feet away, he made a 6-stroke.

These mental errors were leading to DJ’s downfall. Johnson dropped six shots and finished two-under. At the 16th par-4, Potgieter Aldrich tripled and at the 4th par-3, he recorded a quad. Valdes Branden, an amateur, also had a double bogey. On Thursday, only two players had more than a double bogey, as pointed out by the broadcast. He ended up with a snowman, an eight. Were those putts his quadruple-bogeys? He had 7 strokes on the 8th hole.

However, he recovered.

On his following hole, the par-4 3rd, DJ made a birdie.

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