Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision: Round-by-round analysis

Paul Jake was being outboxed, struggling to find his power shots and solve the crafty older champion Silva Anderson game against him.

Then, finally, in the eighth and final round, Paul released a hard right hand that followed a stiff left to Silva’s nose.

After causing Silva to kneel down, Paul, who is 25 years old, had a comfortable lead. In response, he delivered an additional two minutes of captivating excitement.

Against expectations, the judges awarded Paul the victory with scores of 77-74, 78-73, and 78-73. Although it seemed that the scorecards would be unfavorable towards the well-liked YouTuber after an engaging fight with Silva, 47.

“It’s challenging to enter this place and compete against a young individual, but I gave it my all,” Silva stated.

After his victory, Paul challenged the recent winner of the UFC main event, Nate Diaz, for a showdown in 2023.

Lance Pugmire of USA TODAY Sports delivered a thorough report on the events that unfolded in each round at the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

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Jake Paul celebrates his victory over Anderson Silva.

The fighter, with a social media influence of 20 million followers on YouTube, powerfully displayed his influence by stepping into a boxing ring to participate in an ancient form of hand-to-hand combat. The arena was packed with fans, including selfie-taking YouTubers.

Paul positioned himself to the left, cleaning the land, then backed Silva’s head shot with a shot to the body. The crowd roared “Silva!” As Silva pawed away and advanced. Paul, exuberant, came jabbing out beyond-facing Silva in a Southpaw manner.

Paul, 10-9.

Second Round

What follows is a playful display of dodges and ducks as Paul answers with big hits. Silva rises to the occasion, belts him with a powerful left jab, and then follows up with a right punch. Paul skillfully dodges and ducks, causing Silva to miss with a clean left swing. Silva wildly swings round, missing Paul with his left.

Silva ten to nine, nineteen to nineteen.

Third Round

Silva is improving his boxing skills, while Paul is struggling to land effective punches. Silva’s strategy was successful as he landed significant blows and strategically backed Paul into the ropes. It is evident that Silva has a clear plan to corner Paul.

Silva, ten to nine, Silva, twenty-nine to twenty-eight.

Fourth Round

Paul’s pressure is sincere. He’s capable of throwing a knockdown punch, but he’s not landing it. Silva goes hard to the body.

Paul, 10-9., 38-38

Fifth Round

Silva’s boxing expertise is evident here as Paul pushes for powerful punches that are not connecting.

Silva, ten to nine, forty-eight to forty-seven.

Sixth Round

The outcome of the round was determined by a confrontation in the last minute, and the ex-UFC titleholder once again outperforms himself by engaging in a brawl with Silva, now Paul feels less assured.

Silva, 10-9, Silva 58-56.

Seventh Round

Silva throws a couple of punches and once again corners Paul. Silva’s series of hits get closer to Paul’s right side. Paul misses with a wild right punch.

Silva, 10-9, Silva 68-65.

Eighth Round

Paul finally lands the right knockdown, dropping Silva to his knee in close exchanges and engages with the ancient warrior.

Paul, 10-8, Silva 76-75.

OFFICIAL JUDGES’ SCORES: Paul Calderon, 77-74, Paul; Dennis O’Connell, 78-73, Paul; Chris Wilson, 78-73, Paul.

Jake Paul maintains an undefeated record of 6-0.