Jake Paul makes outrageous bet with Anderson Silva as combatants prepare to battle in boxing ring

Known for engaging in extravagant challenges with his rivals, Jake Paul, a popular YouTuber who has transitioned into a professional boxer, has confidently displayed his boldest wager up until now.

During a press event, Dana White, the president of UFC, mentioned that Dana could potentially arrange a meeting between Paul and Anderson Silva, a legendary MMA fighter, to promote an epic kickboxing match and further enhance their longstanding feud.

Towards the conclusion of the press conference, Paul surprised viewers when he suggested the agreement to the Brazilian icon.

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Jake Paul and Anderson Silva pose together. (Getty)

“I have a wager, I have a wager for you Anderson,” Paul remarked.

“No,” Silva chuckled in response.

“Okay, so, listen,” Paul continued.

“If you emerge victorious, I will provide you with something that you likely desire…”

“No body art,” Silva interrupted.

“No, no body art,” Paul responded.

“If you emerge victorious, I will challenge you to an MMA bout.”

As Paul’s comment caused a stir, Silva will be hailed as one of the best MMA fighters of all time, calling out other present fighters.

“Oh my,” Silva responded.

“You’re so intelligent because I no longer participate in MMA fights. You’re so clever. I understand you.”

“Kickboxing?” Paul responded, presenting a tempting opportunity for the fighter known as ‘The Spider’.

“Alright. Kickboxing,” Silva consented.

“But in the event that I emerge victorious,” Paul stated, preparing for his ultimate punchline.

“Me and you come together to create a united fighter’s association to help UFC fighters get better pay and better health care.

“You will assume the role of interim president.

“We come together to support these warriors once and for all.”

“Agreement,” Silva stated before the duo then stood up to shake hands on the bet.

The UFC, which is the biggest company in MMA promotion worldwide, pays fighters generously. The recent battle between White and Paul has reignited their long-lasting partnership.

The venue has a capacity of 18,300 individuals. Jake Paul is set to battle Anderson Silva within the Desert Diamond Arena located in Phoenix, Arizona.

When is Jake Paul versus Anderson Silva.?

The main event fighters are expected to make their ringwalks approximately at 2.30 pm AEDT. The scheduled start time is 12 pm AEDT. The date is Sunday, October 30th.

How to watch Jake Paul versus Anderson Silva.?

Australian fans can watch the Silva vs. Paul fight through Kayo Sports for the price of $59.99, which will be the main event.

Jake Paul’s Discography and Biography

  • Nationality: American.
  • Date of birth: January 17, 1997.
  • Height: 6-1.
  • Height: 76 inches.
  • Number of fights: 5.
  • Record: 5-0 with 4 victories by knockout.
  • Anderson Silva’s Career Achievements and Biography

  • Nationality: Brazilian.
  • Date of Birth: April 14, 1975.
  • Height: 6-2.
  • Height: 77.5 inches.
  • Total matches: 4 boxing matches | 46 MMA bouts.
  • Boxing Record: 3-1 record with two victories by knockout | MMA Record: 34-11 record with one no-contest, 23 victories by KO.

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