Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Are Expecting a Baby Six Months After the Wedding

Jeannie and Jeezy, who are expecting their first child together, revealed on September 20th that they are pregnant. They are planning to exchange vows in a lavish backyard microwedding after six months, with Mai being pregnant with their little one.

“The TV personality informed Women’s Health that Jeezy and I have been somewhat preserving and concealing this for five months. Therefore, we are relieved to finally disclose the news.” Mai discussed the significant change of heart she underwent regarding her desire to start a family with her spouse during the interview. (Mai has always been vocal about her opposition to having children.) However, it was during her engagement to Jeezy and the COVID pandemic that Mai realized she wanted to become pregnant with the love of her life. Nonetheless, they ultimately opted for IVF due to her age. “Both of us required some assistance, particularly considering I was 41 at the time,” she explained.

She informed the health publication, “I firmly believe that I will never have children.” Throughout her life, she questioned whether she had somehow brought bad luck upon herself. Although she experienced a miscarriage, Mai found out she was pregnant just a month after getting married.

Jeezy is already the father of two. “Now that we’re expecting,” Mai added, “another Jenkins is coming into the picture.” Watching her husband has been encouraging for the future mom, however. “He’s a fantastic father,” she said. “I am overwhelmed with even more love.”

“The greatest choice we made was to maintain our celebration as uncomplicated as possible,” Mai previously disclosed to The Knot exclusively. “After a period of time, the initial plans we had began to feel exactly like that: plans. We simply desired to be spouses.” “Jeezy and I opted for a [microwedding] when it seemed like we were waiting excessively long to tie the knot,” Together, they safely commemorated their marriage at home in late March with elements of their original vision incorporated into the backyard celebration. However, that didn’t imply that their intended, new wedding wouldn’t be extraordinary. But similar to countless COVID couples, they had to adapt their initial vision to something more practical. Originally, the couple’s wedding was meant to be a multi-day, destination event.

The intimate occasion was captured by the renowned photographer Reggie Denis, who accentuated the peaceful atmosphere of the couple’s home. The bride chose a blush strapless gown by Galia Lahav, featuring intricate embroidery and a sheer bodice, while the groom’s tailored pink suit by Flor Teofilo highlighted his flair. With only a few loved ones as witnesses, the couple’s backyard was transformed into a dressed-up version of an abroad setting. Although artist-turned-entrepreneur Jay Wayne Jenkins (Jeezy) hosted the Emmy-winning TV show, it was their marriage vows that ushered them into exactly what they needed.

“Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins confirms that The Knot shares exclusive details about the couple’s wedding day and their reception anniversary. She says, “When we get back to the normal world, we plan to continue celebrating with a bigger reception and party, including our dearest friends and relatives.” And she adds, “Becoming Mrs. Jeannie Mai Jenkins is the best thing that has ever happened to me without a doubt.”

The Marriage Ceremony

Mai expressed, “The most emotional aspect of our ceremony was the swapping of our promises.” “Hearing Jeezy’s expressions of dedication warmed my heart. And in the presence of our relatives and the divine, when I declared my dedication to him, I have never felt more pleased and confident in my entire existence.”

The bride and groom’s objective for their wedding, simply put, was to unite their loved ones. Mai expressed, “We’re no longer in our twenties.” “We’ve carefully selected a wonderful group of individuals who have played a significant role in shaping us into who we are today… Even in terms of our friends and family, all of our loved ones are incredibly amazing individuals. Jeezy’s relatives are incredibly welcoming, entertaining, and sociable. My mother is quite an interesting person, and my Papa Mai provides a sense of stability to her.”

They Implemented a Synchronized Dress Policy

Jeezy and Mai requested that their guests coordinate their dress code for their wedding in 2021, as predicted by The Knot as a trending trend. Mai informed us, “We decided on our wedding colors based on what would make us feel the most calm and relaxed. It’s cool to see how people plan their weddings around the colors they want.” They also expressed their desire for their guests to coordinate with each other.

“She expressed, ‘In my opinion, that is the utmost significant aspect of a wedding. We desire our guests to truly perceive the essence of Jeezy and Jeannie. However, I wish to don an outfit that truly reflects our personalities, as we are homebodies who enjoy spending time together in a relaxed manner.’ ‘I adore the fact that we have the opportunity to capture moments through photographs and dress elegantly. In the case of Jeannie Mai and Jeezy, their wedding attire deviates from the traditional black-tie attire.'”

Their Suppliers Were Everything

Mai expressed, “Having one makes everything much simpler.” “I truly admire the presence of wedding organizers… I don’t contemplate the 10 subsequent steps, such as adding extra napkins with ribs. I believe they have the most challenging occupation,” she stated. Following their engagement in 2020, Mai and Jeezy promptly secured the services of a planner from a limited group of wedding suppliers. The couple enlisted the expertise of luxury wedding planner Suzanne Reinhard to assist them in coordinating the covert occasion at their residence in Georgia. Mai stated, “My wedding planner remains composed and collected. I dislike an excessive number of choices. It’s akin to visiting IKEA… There are an overwhelming number of things to observe, causing me to become forgetful and disoriented.” “To me, a wedding planner must instill a sense of tranquility, leaving me with nothing to fret about,” she remarked.

It Was an Experience Rather Than Indulgence

Mai expressed, “I frequently compose handwritten letters and I intend to craft handwritten messages to all of my visitors.” One method she employed was by creating a customized, handwritten note. Mai aimed to pay tribute to each participant. “They represent our community,” she remarked. “I perceive the individuals attending our wedding as observers. I am immensely grateful to each and every invited guest.”

Having attained a complete understanding of weddings, the couple decided to organize a significant ceremony. “I have attended numerous stunning celebrity weddings. I enjoy it when every flower imaginable is utilized to create artistic and unique arrangements, but is the true meaning of the wedding present?” She pondered. “What is the core essence? Is the food exceptional? Will there be enough sustenance to fully enjoy the alcoholic beverages you intend to consume? That is what I contemplate.”

It Was a Ceremony Driven by Faith

Mai expressed, “The significance will greatly depend on our vows, the language we select, and our prayers. We are openly praying together to foster a sense of unity among everyone.” Since both Jeezy and Mai adhere to Christianity, their ceremony will mirror their religious convictions. Mai stated, “We are motivated by faith, and I desire to sense the presence of God within it all.”

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s Selections for their Wedding Registry

After spending a lot of time at home during COVID, the couple turned to The Knot Registry to narrow down their respective picks for an all-in-one shopping experience. The duo intended to build a wedding registry that reflects their evolved values and lifestyle, as well as the space they now have for hosting a wedding. Above all, they selected their favorites, including a watch for Jeezy and Jeannie.

At Mai’s wedding, she selected the Waterford Markham whiskey decanter set as her preferred choice of barware. In addition to the wine glasses, she also decided to include a Hennessy shot for each guest, jokingly suggesting that they toast to “here’s together” forever on TheKnot.Com.

TheKnot.Com, $53, Small Air Fryer, 2 Qt. DASH – “Every little thing is improved with an air fryer,” she jests. “If you don’t possess an air fryer, your whole existence is swiftly passing by and you are unaware,” Mai promptly concurred it is an essential item on any registry, and Jeezy’s selection was an air fryer.

TheKnot.Com, $336, the Jonathan Adler Futura Vase, would be an ideal match for her personal area, therefore the on-air host believed that a vase with gold accents made by Jonathan Adler is Mai’s expertise, Enhancing her office for a vlog setup at home.

The wedding was just the beginning for the couple, Jeezy and Mai, as they selected the classy option of a five-piece Arris Wedgwood place setting for future dinner parties they will host for many couples. They will certainly entertain more at their home.

Their Recommendations for All Couples

Mai expressed, “Bear in mind the utmost importance. Whether it involves a wedding celebration or not, the perfect location doesn’t require the presence of 200 individuals. Ensure the safety and well-being of everyone, so that no one feels at risk, in order to arrive at the optimal choice.” Their suggestion is to prioritize the well-being of your guests, given that the Jenkins have organized a wedding amidst the COVID pandemic.

“That’s all. Anything else you perform… The things that don’t align with those explanations, remove them from the list,” she expressed. “I stated, ‘Unworried, enjoyable, cozy, and hassle-free.’ And she inquired, ‘What are the terms that depict your wedding?’ Elaine articulated it to me most effectively.” Mai is intimate pals with Project Runway presenter Elaine Welteroth, former featured individual of The Knot and 2020 bride.

Mai, particularly at this moment, has made a significant discovery in relying on her instinct. “The main lesson I gained from my past encounter was understanding that your inner being remains serene throughout the entire journey. If you experience unease, uncertainty, or nervousness, that is not the desired outcome for your wedding,” she concluded. “When it comes to weddings, alleviate the stress and ensure that your inner being remains tranquil. Afterward, allow them to indulge in cake.”