Jerry Hall’s relationship history and net worth as model divorces Rupert Murdoch

Here is all the information you need to know about the relationship history of Jerry Hall.

Who has Jerry Hall dated?

Jerry’s career in modeling was kickstarted after she was found sunbathing on a beach in the south of France in the 1970s, and she has never been short of admirers since then.

Nevertheless, the model has experienced a tumultuous romantic life throughout the years, with highly publicized separations and a failed marriage.

Bryan Ferry

In 1975, the mannequin featured on the front page of the group’s record Siren when Jerry encountered former Roxy Music lead singer Bryan Ferry, who was merely 19 years of age.

The couple had a difference in age of 11 years and five months after they met, the lead vocalist proposed.

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The couple then separated in 1977, with Jerry abandoning her significant other for another rockstar.

Mick Jagger

Jerry’s connection with Mick Jagger started shortly after her separation from Bryan.

In 1977, Mick eventually charmed her, despite her being a teenager and already engaged to Bryan, as disclosed by Jerry in her autobiography Tall Tales published in 2010.

Jerry and Mick were in a relationship for 22 years, however, their marriage was never legally recognized.

After their separation, the High Court declared it invalid, but the couple got married in an unofficial celebration in Bali in 1990.

Jerry filed for divorce in 1999, and it is unclear whether their marriage was officially ended or if they decided to proceed with a legal battle, which is estimated to cost around £18 million ($22 million) until a settlement is reached.

Since the couple was unable to proceed with formal divorce proceedings, the judge ruled that the marriage was invalid according to both Indonesian and British law, thus declaring it null and void.

Six years after the couple separated, Jerry informed the Evening Standard that the union had become unhealthy.

She stated: “I pardoned, and pardoned, and pardoned and pardoned to the extent where it wasn’t very beneficial at all.

“Certainly, he wasn’t an exceptional spouse, and I could complain and grumble, but I believe that’s outdated.”

She mentioned during that period that although she still had affection for him, the relationship was causing her “unhappiness”.

I couldn’t accomplish anything due to my overwhelming feeling of depression. However, it caused me great unhappiness. She expressed, “I still have affection for him.”

If you are in an unhealthy relationship, you can’t be consistent with the many ups and downs you have, which is bad for your self-esteem.

In 1982, Jerry had a romantic relationship with wealthy horse breeder Robert Sangster while she was engaged with the frontman of the Rolling Stones.

When it was revealed that Mick started a relationship with her, Carla Bruni, a French Lady First and Italian model, was having an affair with Robert.

Input: Not little things. That annoyed me was the only thing. But that was pretty bad, his actions with other women. Me annoyed never Jagger. He said in an interview with Radio Times in 2015: “Jerryoutput: The sole thing that bothered me were not minor matters. However, his behavior with other women was quite terrible. Jagger never irritated me. He stated in a 2015 interview with Radio Times: “Jerry

‘He annoyed me on a daily basis. I was only annoyed by that thing, but his actions with other women were pretty mean.’

‘He denied everything [the affairs] to the last. Well, I think most men do. He eventually had a baby with somebody else.’.

Jerry and Mick quickly reconciled after the indiscretions, subsequently forming a family before their separation in 1999.

Jerry and Mick have four children together – Elizabeth, 38, James, 36, Georgia May, 30, and Gabriel, 24.

George Waud

After ending her relationship with Mick, Jerry proceeded to date George Waud, a film producer from Paramount, in the year 2000.

They initially met in 1999 after her $10m (£8m) separation settlement from Mick.

George was 11 years younger than her and he is the son of wealthy Guy Pierre D’Abzac Waud.

Nevertheless, the passionate love affair was brief, with the couple separating in the summer of 2001.

Tim Attias

Jerry then moved on from George with another younger man, Tim Attias.

The duo crossed paths through the Kabbalah, a variant of Judaism that Jerry was involved in.

During the couple’s intense fling, Tim took Jerry to Mustique and invited her to numerous parties at his £1.5million Notting Hill home.

The former model ended her relationship in 2002, stating that it was too soon to commit to a serious relationship. However, it was reportedly confirmed that Jerry, the 35-year-old polo player and bachelor, was besotted with her.

Warwick Hemsley

Jerry met property consultant Warwick Hemsley in Perth, Australia in September 2010, while the fashion model was performing in the play The Graduate.

After their encounter, the real estate magnate, who was 55 years old at that moment, accompanied Jerry to London and settled in with her shortly after her stage performance concluded.

The relationship then ended in 2012, with Warwick returning to Australia to be with his family.

Armand Leroi

Jerry became associated with Armand Leroi, who was born in New Zealand, a year after her separation from Warwick.

Armand, the offspring of a Dutch ambassador, occupies the role of an educator specializing in the domain of evolutionary developmental biology at Imperial College, London.

He has participated in multiple television programs, including a documentary called What Darwin Didn’t Know, which aired on BBC4.

The pair separated in June 2014.

Rupert Murdoch

Jerry was first spotted in October 2015, watching the final of the Rugby World Cup in London, alongside media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

The couple then publicly declared their intention to marry in January 2016, tying the knot just a few weeks afterwards.

Rupert asked Jerry to marry him with a 10-carat marquise diamond engagement ring that was speculated to be worth as much as $3.5million (£2.9m).

After the wedding ceremony, Rupert declared that he would temporarily detach from social media platforms in order to fully enjoy the pleasures of married life.

He shared on Twitter: “No additional updates for a span of ten days or possibly indefinitely! I sense an overwhelming sense of fortune and contentment, making me the most fortunate and joyful individual on the planet.”

Just seven months before their reported divorce, a couple purchased a cattle ranch located near Yellowstone Park in Montana for £163m (£200 million).

We were told by Journal Street Wall at the time that we feel privileged to assume ownership of this beautiful land and continually look forward to enhancing both the conservation of assets and the commercial cattle business on the ranch.

Jerry submitted a divorce petition against Rupert on July 1st, citing irreconcilable discrepancies.