Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for Blackface, Using the N-Word in 1996 Comedy Song

A Family Christmas in Your Behind, the 1996 comedic Christmas album, recently discovered a song where Jimmy Kimmel used the racial slur multiple times. He also received criticism for appearing in blackface during previous sketches. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel expressed regret in response to the backlash.

Kimmel stated to ET, “I express regret to those who were sincerely injured or offended by the cosmetics I donned or the phrases I uttered. There is nothing of greater significance to me than your admiration. That postponement was an error. I have always hesitated to tackle this matter, as I was aware that doing so would be commended as a triumph by those who equate apologies with vulnerability and applaud for leaders who exploit bias to separate us.”

I continued to impersonate many celebrities, including Rosie, Vitale, Dick Eminem, Oprah, and Snoop Dogg. I’ve done dozens of impressions of famous people and one that stood out was my imitation of Karl, a bald man with bulging muscles and a different skin color. It was a human imitation unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. We even hired makeup artists to make me look more like Karl Malone. I continued impersonating Malone on TV in the late 90s. In the mid-90s, I also did a recurring impression of Karl Malone on the radio station KROQ.

Kimmel stated that he was currently ashamed of his previous behaviors.

“Yours faithfully, Jimmy Kimmel. I apologize to those I have let down, and to clarify, I am grateful for the opportunity given to me. I will return to work in September. Additionally, I have planned a summer vacation for more than a year, which will coincide with the next two summers off. I will not tolerate the oppressive and genuinely racist agendas of those who pretend to be outraged, as they have tried to silence me. I love this country too much to allow them to silence me again. If they try to quiet me, this will not be the end of it. It is evident to anyone who watches my show that I have evolved and matured over the past twenty-plus years, I believe. Some of these sketches have unintentionally become moments of thoughtlessness, which is frustrating and embarrassing. Looking back,” he said.

Recently, Fox News unearthed the song “Christmastime” from 1996, which Snoop Dogg imitates in his distinct rapping style on the Bean & Kevin radio show on KROQ-FM in California, known as LBC.

During the performance, Kimmel utilized the N-word on numerous occasions, delivering lines such as, “Plump individual in a sleigh generously distributing gifts,” and “Allow the snow to fall, allow the snow to fall, allow the snow to fall / I informed that individual Santa to provide a comb for my curly hair.”

ET has contacted Snoop Dogg for a statement.

In a 2013 podcast with Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, the co-creator and host of “The Man Show” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” discussed imitating Snoop Dogg and admitted to once impersonating George Wallace, the comedian and former president of the Central Comedy channel, using what Kimmel referred to as a “wild African American accent.” This conversation was recently brought to light by Fox News, as Adam Carolla, the co-creator and host of “The Man Show,” also discussed Kimmel’s imitations of Snoop Dogg and admitted that Kimmel had referred to his impersonation of Wallace as his “crazy Black voice.”

When questioned about whether he only imitates individuals of African descent, Kimmel jokingly replied, “I do have a preference for them, yes.”

Meanwhile, in The Man Show skit, he wore blackface to mimic Malone and altered his voice.

Kimmel was recently declared as the presenter for the 2020 Emmy Awards. He will also assume the role of an executive producer.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, during his telecast of the Emmy Awards last Tuesday, Kimmel addressed the surrounding uncertainty in a statement. I mentioned that I am hosting the show, and we are managing to do it. However, I am unsure of why we are doing this, how we will accomplish it, or where we will end up.

During the pandemic, the host of the late-night show has been amusing viewers from his residence. On Thursday, he mentioned that he would be taking a break during the summer in order to have additional quality time with his loved ones.

He expressed, “I simply require a few months of time off. I am in good health. My family is in good health, there is no issue. I have performed in a total of 3,130 shows, and I have been engaged in this occupation for nearly 18 years.”