JoJo Siwa shows off another new hairstyle as she arrives to America’s Got Talent

However, JoJo Siwa was sporting a completely different appearance when she arrived to shoot America’s Got Talent in Pasadena on Tuesday.

The rest of her hair flowed in gentle waves, tucking the shorter strands behind, hiding her mullet, the 19-year-old former cast member of Dance Moms.

She arrived at the show, wearing a vibrant blue hoodie, fluorescent orange shorts, and a set of Adidas sneakers with wings, radiating happiness.

JoJo also displayed her newest hairdo on her TikTok profile, where she shared different videos of her curly tresses.

‘Why was the mullet a mood…’ She captioned a video of her showcasing both her new curls and mullet.

She also posted a video compilation of her shorter hairstyle before revealing her longer hair.

‘She will be remembered,’ she wrote in the caption of the video, accompanied by a blowing kiss emoji.

JoJo utilized the identical social platform to reveal her mullet in videos shared on Monday.

In one of the videos, JoJo appeared with her new hairstyle revealed and she shook her head before showcasing her typical short hairdo.

‘What on earth! Did you just refer to me as mullet daddy? What on earth!’ Someone exclaimed, accompanied by comical audio from the video.

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She followed it up with another video of her flaunting her lengthy hair once more.

JoJo, wearing a gold fringe top, showed off her long, blonde hair as she tossed it over her shoulders in the earlier video clip, set to the same track.

The appearance is definitely a change from her previous hairstyle, a considerably shorter haircut reaching up to her ears.

JoJo’s iconic ponytail is undoubtedly the most famous hairstyle, as she rocked it throughout her life and as a star of the reality series Dance Moms.

However, JoJo recently revealed that she obtained a section of hair thinning caused by a ‘stress rash’ she developed while filming the show.

After her fans noticed her hair loss, she decided to open up about it on the popular video-sharing app, becoming a sensation on social media.

While shooting the well-liked Lifetime program, JoJo experienced a ‘stress rash’ that resulted in her hair falling out. After acknowledging the remarks, JoJo proceeded to clarify exactly what triggered it.

“She described in the video caption that she experienced anxiety-induced skin irritation on her scalp during her time on Dance Moms, which ultimately led to hair loss in that specific area.”

‘I thought I would simply clarify this. Thus, no, it is actually not because of the ponytails.’ Clarified the So You Think You Can Dance judge in another video when one fan asked if the spot was caused by Siwa wearing her distinctive ‘tight ponytails.’

Siwa then took a closer look at the area where she usually wore ponytails and pointed out that it was bald, indicating that she wasn’t pulled at all.

Every hair follicle in that exact spot, which has existed, I harmed. I would continuously pick at it throughout the entire day, and during my time on Dance Moms when I was young, I developed a severe stress rash in this specific area, she subsequently expressed.

‘So currently I’m bearing her affection with me. Right there,’ she included, while indicating the spot.