Jon Rahm admits he will make decision on his future after LIV Golf and PGA Tour merger

Similar to many other golfers, Jon Rahm was unaware of the groundbreaking merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour.

The champion of The Masters has spoken out about his feelings on joining the two entities, following reports that those who remained loyal to the original PGA Tour will soon be rewarded after starting to move away from professional golf’s biggest controversies in history, incentivised by huge sums of money.

One of the players who declined an invitation by LIV, meaning he hasn’t been informed by a LIV executive, is Rahm, as outspoken as McIlroy. The Spaniard hasn’t been, following the announcement, in a similar position as Rory McIlroy, indicating that he’s ‘not welcome’ and has declined an invitation by LIV.

He doesn’t feel down, but when he was at home in Arizona, he found out about the merger of the No. 2 world ranking. Rahm said this during a news conference, and it doesn’t matter to me whether I agree with it or not, thanks to the PGA Tour.

Rahm added, “They provide me with an opportunity to engage in golf at the utmost standard.” It is uncertain whether I can effectively accomplish it while benefiting numerous future generations. I am unsure if I will ever face financial hardships that would prevent me from having children and supporting my family. In such a scenario, I might consider taking advantage of the opportunity that presents itself.

“Within this realm, I find myself in an exceedingly elevated position of advantage. I possess the ability to pursue my desires and ambitions. I am fortunate enough to pursue my passions as a means of livelihood. Although there are occasional moments of frustration on the golf course, I thoroughly enjoy every day.”

“And I will make certain choices, and I will need to make certain determinations regarding the future, and I will have to adjust to the circumstances. I am simply – circumstances evolve, circumstances evolve. I can only express gratitude for what is happening, regardless of the outcome, when I begin with that perspective.”

Rahm explained, “I think there is a general feeling of a lot of people feeling a bit betrayed by management.” He felt “uncomfortable” hearing the news and also felt touched by how some of his PGA colleagues, particularly McIlroy, are describing it.

I want to keep it a secret. I understand why they had to keep it a secret. I couldn’t make it to the meeting of the Advisory Council Player because some guys spilled the beans in an article, right after 10 minutes of it happening.

It’s not just easy as a player involved in bombshell like this to wake up to day one and see this bombshell, because we don’t know what’s going on and how much they can talk about it and how much is finalized. We’re in a bit of a limbo state, and that’s why we’re all in this together, not knowing like many others involved.

The unnamed executive mentioned that Rahm Jon and Matsuyama Hideki can finally get what we have been waiting for. Although an unnamed executive stated that McIlroy won’t accept the offer after considering some of his previous claims, Rahm has been targeted for some time by Golf LIV. This information was shared by the same unnamed executive in a good manner.

I would say the PGA Tour is a big name that every golfer wants to be a part of. Nobody on their team wants to be seen as a little b****, except Rory.