K in sign language

K in ASL alphabet

What is the gesture for the letter K in American Sign Language?

Definition: The eleventh character of the English alphabet, a consonant.

The dominant hand is closed, with the ring finger and pinky finger remaining upright, while the forefinger is down, causing the middle finger to be resting between the index finger at the bottom, with the thumb on top. If you are right-handed, the dominant hand is held with the palm facing out, loosely, and there is space in between the fingers (description sign): Pronunciation.

Previous letter: J and next letter L.Output: Letter before: J and letter after: L.

K in fingerspelling

Fingerspelling can be challenging for beginners and is often a weak point. It can also be an eyesore for deaf individuals. Beginners often struggle with fingerspelling and deaf individuals may not be proficient in sign language. It is important to remember that not every letter in fingerspelling should bounce. When using double K in fingerspelling, NIKKI should bounce.

Baby signing K

In the process of language development (specifically phonological acquisition), the handshape K/P emerges earlier than other mid-phase marked handshapes and first unmarked handshapes. In sign language, the handshape K/P is one of the majority of marked handshapes, while there is a small number of unmarked handshapes charted in the language.

At the age of 2;5, the handshape “K” or “P” (both having the same handshape but different orientation) started to appear, as observed in the ASL word PARK, in a case study involving baby Juli. Additionally, at the age of 3;4, the handshape K or P was formed flawlessly in fingerspelled words fs-BOOK and fs-PEPPA, along with the ABCs.

Around the world

There are various manual alphabets found worldwide. While signed languages in various countries are unique, some of them have similar manual alphabets that are used to finger spell spoken or sound-based words of spoken/written languages.

In North America, American Sign Language (ASL) is utilized, while in the U.K., British Sign Language (BSL) is employed; these sign languages and their corresponding sign language alphabets differ from one another.

K letter in BSL
K letter in BSL

In British Sign Language, the handshape “X” represents the letter B when the non-dominant hand forms the number 1 with the middle finger upright and the index finger bent at the knuckle. This is depicted in the image.

This writing in American Sign Language (ASL) remains in a state of open space, allowing for improvement, evolution, and experimentation. It is important to note that ASL writing is not considered an official standard.

How to write ASL for letter K

The ASLwrite contribution of 2019 provides a written representation of the alphabetical letter K in American Sign Language.