Kari Lake has made filing frivolous election fraud claims a full-time job

Lake Kari, the firebrand right-wing governor duly elected, is still claiming exile in Arizona. She went to trial on Wednesday, arguing that she needs to present the most extreme conspiracy theories and election denial as part of her case. The complex persecution is still costing Arizona taxpayers real money, while it is possible that Lake is only imagining herself as the governor.

Katie Hobbs, the Democratic opponent of Lake’s, lost the 2022 election to her but was later accused by Arizona election officials of fraud, just one day before the official count had even been completed. The lawsuit, filled with fire-and-brimstone outrage and political persecution allegations, came after Thompson Peter Judge of the Superior Court in Arizona shed light on the actual facts found in Lake’s claims, deeming them nonsense.

In the closing days before the 2022 election, Lake’s legally-challenged team had one last chance to harass workers. Officials in Maricopa County, who claim that Lake’s team failed to properly verify signatures on mail-in ballots, referred the case to lower courts for trial. Importantly, the decision to refer Lake’s case also highlighted the lack of any legal merit in their arguments.

Most Arizonans believe that the 2022 election was fair, including a majority of Republicans in Arizona. You’ll hear a divorced version of events, both legal and political, about Lake and MAGA Ask.

In the 2022 gubernatorial election, Democrats claimed that Kari Lake actually won the election, but officials in Maricopa County demand a statewide “revote” to hold officials accountable for taking the election away from Kari Lake. Former Donald Trump enforcer Steve Bannon also chimed in with this claim.

She told a crowd that she would like to see imprisoned officials in Maricopa County who were involved in last year’s election. Late last year, Democrats allowed tens of thousands of false ballots to be counted as genuine in Maricopa County. However, depending on the motives of the people telling the story, one consistent element is that Lake’s victimhood varies a bit, giving rise to all the good myths.

Maricopa County has actually implicated none of the evidence provided by Lake’s attorneys, as they processed over 7,000 pages of “evidence” for the court. This case filed against Maricopa County by Lake is a meritless fight, but taxpayers have already been ordered to pay over $30,000 in court fees related to her lawsuit against Hobbs. As Arizonans foot the bill for Lake’s latest art performance venue, she turns the court system into her own personal stage. Meanwhile, Lake Kari continues to take advantage of the situation.

In the upcoming year, Lake is aiming to allocate a portion of that money towards a potential campaign for the U.S. Senate. Lake has transformed the act of submitting baseless claims of election fraud into a full-time occupation. Lake managed to gather $2.5 million from devoted supporters of MAGA, making grand promises to defeat Democrats in the legal system, just a few months after her defeat. Subsequently, she headlined a speaking tour in Iowa, where she denied the election results, leading former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis to criticize Lake for merely focusing on fundraising at this stage (referred to as grifting). Unlike the residents of Arizona, she is also lucratively profiting from her deceitful indignation.

A spokesperson for Gallego’s campaign stated, “In the event that she decides to run, they will repeat the same actions in 2024.” They informed me that Arizona voters dismissed individuals who denied the validity of the election, such as Lake, in the year 2022. While spreading false information about the 2022 election, Lake engaged in numerous baseless legal cases that burdened Arizona taxpayers financially, ultimately accumulating millions of dollars. This behavior, characterized as that of a shameless swindler, is not being received positively by Lake’s probable Democratic opponent, Representative Ruben Gallego.

Following Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Arizona’s challenges with polling places stem directly from the Republican-led initiative to strengthen voting regulations. However, Lake and her supporters overlook a crucial aspect: their eagerness to perceive Democrats in every obscure area.

The Republican-controlled Congress and conservative media — meanwhile unleashed a torrent of misleading information to discredit the Democratic candidates and undermine their accomplishments. The White House and conservative pundits capitalized on divisive messaging by broadcasting misleading advertisements in swing states. Radio advertisements aired.

Lake’s ability to constantly portray herself as a victim has turned her into a prominent figure in the world of Trump supporters, and there are even rumors suggesting that she might be considered as a running mate for the vice presidency. The fact that Truth Social set fails to impress her is not surprising at all. Lake is well aware that as long as there is someone, regardless of who it is, standing up against liberals, the Republican base will readily overlook any wrongdoing and be willing to make any sacrifice. Kari Lake truly comprehends the intricacies of politics in the Trump era.

Lake Kari doesn’t need to understand the lawsuit’s loss from last year. Today, the concern is about the right bogeyman, whether it’s the masses of MAGA supporters victimizing her from the far right or the state deep in denial. That spinning outcome won’t stop her efforts to end the trial, as it is almost certain that her other election denial efforts will just end poorly.