Katherine Jackson

After Michael’s death in June 2009, Katherine became the legal guardian of his three children, Michael Prince II “Blanket” and Jr. “Prince” Joseph Michael. As a supportive mother, she remained close to her most famous son, Michael, who was a renowned costume designer. She also encouraged her other children, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie, and Janet, in their musical talents and their careers as children’s performers. Katherine Jackson is known as the matriarch of the famed Jackson family, which consisted of her husband Joseph Jackson and their 10 children.


“Katherine Esther Kattie Screws was born on May 4, 1930, in Barbour County, Alabama. She was the daughter of Mattie Martha Upshaw and Albert Screws. At a young age, she contracted polio, which left her with a life-long limp. Eventually, she recovered from her illness and decided to change her surname to Scruse. She also decided to relocate with her family from Indiana, Chicago, to East Chicago.”

Michael later acknowledged his mother for bestowing upon him his vocal abilities. Her son, Michael, was both a pianist and vocalist, and she also fostered the musical talents of the entire family. Katherine raised the children in her religious beliefs and instilled strict discipline, being a devoted Jehovah’s Witness. While Katherine took care of the household, her husband worked as a crane operator at U.S. Steel. They relocated to Gary, Indiana, and within the next 16 years, they had 10 children. After Joseph divorced his initial spouse in November 1949, he and Katherine tied the knot. Joseph, who was a boxer and aspiring musician, was already married when they first encountered each other. Scruse met Joseph while she was still in her teenage years.

Sculpting the Jackson 5

While performing, Katherine served as the ensemble’s designer, frequently creating outfits and attire for her sons to don. In 1967, they emerged victorious in an amateur-night contest held at the esteemed Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York, where they showcased their talents in talent shows and served as opening acts, traveling extensively across the nation. The formation of the Jackson 5 occurred in 1964, comprising of Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael, and Tito as the members. Joseph dedicated himself to shaping them into a meticulously rehearsed ensemble shortly after recognizing his children’s diverse musical talents.

In Encino, California, they stay united, living in a grand residence. Despite various turbulent episodes in their partnership, she also remained a loyal spouse throughout her husband’s public misbehaviors with females. From his triumph with the album Thriller to his 2005 battle with accusations of child molestation, she stood by his side through his successes and setbacks as her son, Michael, soared to stardom as a solo performer. Regarding the band’s affairs, Katherine took a secondary role, but she continued to be a devoted mother after the Jackson 5 joined forces with Motown Records in 1968.

Passing of Michael Jackson

She was also known as one of the recipients of the estimated $500 million fortune of the pop star. In a copy of Michael’s will, she was listed as the guardian of his three children. Katherine was pulled into the media spotlight when Michael died in June 2009, suffering from acute intoxication from propofol and cardiac arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

During the nighttime hours, Michael utilized the medications to assist him in achieving sleep, with the assistance of his personal doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. The celebrity’s debilitated heart was rendered nonfunctional by a deadly mixture of prescription drugs, which included the analgesic Demerol, as well as lorazepam, midazolam, benzodiazepine, diazepine, and ephedrine, working in conjunction with an excessive amount. The official report from the coroner regarding Michael’s cause of death was made public in February 2010, disclosing that the singer had passed away due to an acute overdose of propofol.

Later on, he was given a prison term of four years. Murray was declared guilty on November 7, 2011. As a consequence, Murray found himself confronted with a charge of involuntary manslaughter. The death of the singer was determined to be a homicide, and Murray’s behavior while taking care of Michael was additionally examined after a police inquiry exposed that Dr. Murray did not have the authority to prescribe the majority of regulated medications in California.

Jackson Family Conflict

In 2012, Katherine once again found herself in the public eye after a strange occurrence in July when a relative reported her as missing. During this time, Katherine had traveled to Arizona to spend time with her family. However, it was soon revealed that she had been absent and out of contact with the children for 10 days. Consequently, a judge decided to temporarily remove Katherine as the guardian of Michael’s kids. On July 25, 2012, TJ Jackson, the son of Tito, was appointed as the interim guardian of Paris, Prince, and Blanket, citing Katherine’s extended absence as the reason for the suspension of her guardianship.

Shortly after a dispute between several members of the Jackson clan, who raised questions about the validity of Michael’s estate, fingers will be pointed at the matriarch Jackson, calling for his executors to resign. This dispute exacerbated Katherine’s paranoia, leading to her “disappearance”. Concerned that they were possibly being prevented from communicating with their grandmother, Blanket, Prince, and Paris grew worried about her whereabouts. Speculation quickly confirmed the location of Katherine’s whereabouts before.

TJ granted co-guardianship to Paris, Prince, and Blanket, with Katherine being reinstated as the primary guardian on August 2, 2012, as authorized by a judge.

Katherine, along with her grandchildren, formally initiated a lawsuit for wrongful death against A.E.G. The Jacksons opted to take legal action against the corporation, asserting that AEG Live had not adequately safeguarded the singer during his time under Murray’s supervision and, consequently, bore responsibility for his demise. In late 2012, the Jackson family found themselves embroiled in yet another legal dispute, this time with the entity that had promoted Michael’s intended comeback series, “This Is It,” back in 2009.

Said Marvin S. Putnam, A.E.G.’S attorney, “Even though the passing of Michael Jackson was a terrible calamity, it was not a calamity caused by A.E.G. Live.” In October 2013, a jury concluded that A.E.G. Was not accountable for Michael’s death, but attorneys sought up to $1.5 billion — an estimation of what Michael Jackson could have earned over the months since his passing, if he were still alive — in the lawsuit. “We’re not seeking sympathy … We’re seeking truth and justice,” Panish expressed during his opening statements on the initial day of the trial. The trial commenced on April 29, 2013, with Katherine being represented by lawyer Brian Panish. “They desired to be the top at any expense,”

  • Name: Jackson.
  • Year of Birth: 1930.
  • Date of birth: 4th May, 1930.
  • State of Birth: Alabama.
  • Place of Birth: Barbour County.
  • Country of Birth: United States.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Katherine Jackson is most recognized as the mother of the renowned Jackson family, including the internationally acclaimed pop sensation Michael Jackson.
  • Industries Music.
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
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