Kelly Clarkson ‘Felt More Pressure’ About Her Body When She Was Thin, Addresses Adele’s Weight Loss

In an interview with Glamour UK, which was published on Tuesday, June 16th, the 38-year-old “Love So Soft” singer expressed that she experienced heightened stress. “However, I experienced increased pressure. It involved numerous magazines being thrust in front of you, with the message of ‘this is who you’re competing against, and we must compete with them,'” she stated. “I have had this conversation with many women in the industry. I felt greater pressure from individuals when I was slender, particularly when I was extremely thin and not in the best state of health because I was simply exhausted, working so hard and neglecting healthy habits.”

Kelly Clarkson at the 2003 Billboard Awards. Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

“I am unable to rival that. That is not even my representation. That is not my true identity. That is their true identity. We all have our own uniqueness, and that is acceptable. I used to engage in more conflicts when I was slimmer compared to now, as nowadays I simply stride in and gaze at them challengingly, thinking, ‘Try uttering a word. I am content with my life. I will focus on self-improvement in my own pace!'” Expressed Clarkson.

She shared the mentality that artists have to really force people to think. As a person, I had to do it with her not based on her physical appearance but on her ability to connect with people and her “personality”. However, when she became a judge on The Voice, she said she was at her heaviest “point” as the Grammy winner.

Adele has revealed exclusively to Us Weekly that she has dropped approximately 150 pounds. The singer made headlines last month for debuting a slimmed-down figure at the age of 32. “The Rumor Has It” expert medical revealed that Adele’s recent weight loss was tied to her personal experience with body image comments.

On her end, the champion of American Idol mentioned that Adele’s weight status is irrelevant. Clarkson also acknowledged the significance of individuals who strive to lose weight “for their own sake and well-being” rather than seeking validation from others.

The “Stronger” vocalist elucidated, stating, “she possesses an irresistible power. When you enter a room, she exudes a divine aura. I had the pleasure of meeting Adele a while back.”

Kelly Clarkson arrives at the 2020 annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Clarkson has been vocal about her wellness journey in the past, discussing the significance of upholding a favorable self-perception when conversing with Redbook in 2018.

She expressed to the magazine that her happiness in the world symbolizes her emotional state, but she apologizes for not feeling that way. She feels burdened by her weight and suspects that something is amiss with her. She believes that people assume she is happy because she is overweight, but that is not always the case. Normally, she feels skinny and content with herself.

“If you gauge your life based on what other people think of you, you should just concentrate on your own happiness, health, and well-being. Instead of constantly trying to please everyone and being in a state of panic, focus on your own life,” Clarkson continued.