Kylian Mbappé calls out PSG fans for treatment of Lionel Messi

Mbappé Kylian has been sidelined at PSG, following the high-profile departure of Lionel Messi from the Argentina national team and his treatment by the French soccer club, causing uncertainty about his future.

Inter Miami Franchise recently joined Major League Soccer, after declining a contract extension from PSG, thereby concluding their tenure of two years with the French team.

Following an unsanctioned journey to Saudi Arabia and a club-imposed suspension, his performance at PSG was characterized by disapproving chants from supporters as he aided Argentina in clinching the World Cup.

Mbappé expressed in an interview with the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, “It’s never positive information when an individual of Messi’s stature departs.” “We are discussing conceivably the most exceptional player in the chronicles of football.”

Many people were so relieved when he left, and I truly don’t understand why. Instead of getting the respect he deserved in France, he should be respected: We’re talking about Messi. It’s a pity that it went like that. The club will have to figure out what they can do to replace him.

At the conclusion of the upcoming season, when his contract comes to an end, there is a possibility of a 12-month extension. However, the 24-year-old Mbappé may decide not to continue with the team, in which case PSG will need to quickly search for a suitable replacement.

The news of the superstar French player Mbappé being linked with Real Madrid, which had an offer of 180 million Euros, saw immediate attention.

Last year, Mbappé missed out on signing with Madrid again, leaving him unlikely to risk leaving the French club PSG as a free agent next year.

Mbappé stated, “I have just confirmed that I do not want to activate the additional year foreseen in the contract. I did not ask to be sold to Real Madrid either.”

“We never discussed renewing my contract with PSG, but I am pleased to remain here for the upcoming season.”

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PSG, backed by Qatar’s club, is likely to have been affected by Mbappé’s decision, as they exit early once again from the European soccer’s top competition, the Champions League, in the 16th round for the second consecutive season.

This year, PSG was knocked out by Bayern Munich. Its 14th crown was won by Real Madrid, which eliminated it last season.

Mbappé stated, “It is not merely gibberish – in order to avoid repeating them each time, one must acquire knowledge from their errors every season. Sooner or later, you will face the consequences of your inadequacies, which we were aware of. The objective is to triumph in all the championships for someone of my competitive stature, at the highest echelon.”

I have always wanted to continue improving to stay at the top level for several years now, individually on the other hand.

Vinícius Júnior, similar to Mbappè, faced racial discrimination and this could potentially discourage him from moving to Madrid.

Racism, which is considered a normalized aspect of the sport, and the lack of efforts to address this issue, Vinícius has expressed that the presence of racism within soccer institutions in the nation is not exclusive to Spanish soccer.

Last year in the World Cup final, after France’s defeat to Argentina, Mbappé was also active on social media, where he shared messages.

Mbappé stated, “We played the game again and it was against Basaksehir in the 2020 Champions League with PSG. People will comprehend the seriousness of the situation if we decide to leave. We possess the ability to make things different, and as players, we must all depart from the field.”

No longer can we allow a minority of fans to ruin the pleasure of watching soccer. We must play the game to give fans the joy of watching soccer, aside from the fame and money. If they treat you like a monkey, you don’t want to do it anymore. Rules must be changed. I will fight for this matter as the captain of France. We need to wake up everyone’s conscience.