Las Vegas family release bizarre drawings of UFOs they claim landed in backyard

A Las Vegas family has broken its silence on claims that UFOs landed in their backyard, revealing drawings they made of the apparent alien sightings.

During an interview with Inside Edition, the Kenmore household, who gained online popularity earlier this year after dialing 911 to notify authorities about the presence of two extraterrestrial beings measuring ten feet tall in their backyard, expressed their thoughts publicly for the very first time.

“I think I witnessed something that was not of this world,” Joshua, the youngest son, expressed.

Shortly after the alien encounter, the relatives caught sight of a dark Chevrolet Suburban with “official plates” as they also disclosed that they made sketches of what they asserted to have witnessed.

The family remained anonymous for months, fearing ridicule for saying that strangers have flocked to their house to see their UFO, even climbing over the fence, some claiming they were aliens.

The attorney for the family, Sam Heidari, who was hired to initiate legal actions against any trespassers, informed Inside Edition that the Kenmore’s “did not want that amount of publicity.”

“All they did was notify the authorities,” he stated.

Mr Heidari stated that he is confident that the Kenmores are convinced that what they witnessed was genuine.

The family unveiled sketches of the alleged unidentified flying objects in an attempt to bolster their assertions.

One of Bobby’s sons drew a figure that had a nose that didn’t seem to be there, teeth grinding together in a full mouth, and ears that glowed like antennae.

Meanwhile, he was so determined to keep trying that he colored his eldest son’s pencil gray with an alien shade, accurately mimicking what he had seen.

He informed Inside Edition that the extraterrestrial had a sphere of illumination next to it and stood with one leg flexed.

Angel and his brother witnessed a burst of illumination after they heard an object descending from the sky on the evening of 1 May.

The siblings mentioned that they subsequently experienced the effect of an object colliding with the surface and heard a resounding explosion.

The two adolescents were subsequently struck by a shockwave, they asserted, which they compared to an “out of body encounter”.

Angel claimed that he tried to look at the object that had fallen in his backyard, but the whole backyard was blurry and he could only hear the “footsteps of thousands” before him.

He instructed him to enter, the person who summoned Bobby to the rear of the house, in a state of panic. Describing a figure that stood approximately eight to ten feet in height, the teenager claimed to have spotted an extremely slender and tall entity.

Angel described the creature as having “unusual-looking feet and a large face and eyes” and “a large mouth”.

“I could perceive his boisterous profound inhaling and observe his abdomen shift,” he expressed.

The adolescent returned indoors and contacted the authorities.

“This is no laughing matter,” he declared. “I promise you, it’s gazing at us,” he informed the operator during the widely shared emergency call. “And it possesses large eyes… A figure resembling an eight-foot individual.”

On that very night, a bodycam worn by a police officer recorded a greenish light streaking across the sky.

“One of my colleagues mentioned that they witnessed something descend from the heavens as well,” the officer informed the family at their residence. “I want to assure you that I won’t deceive you.”

Angel said that an officer walked with the family to the backyard and pointed at a perfect circle that had been etched into the ground.

The narrative of Angel was further corroborated by video footage from a neighboring Ring camera, capturing a whooshing sound and a colossal blast.

Angel previously voiced his experience in a video shared on YouTube in June.

He mentioned in the video that he has had just below a million views, but I am not trying to create this story for fame or influence. This is not a conspiracy theory.

Although the family maintains their story, Mick West, a writer who specializes in disproving false conspiracy theories, countered the allegations.

Inside Edition was told that an alternate explanation could be a raccoon perched on the backyard fence, which explains the large eyes, or even a coyote.

The apparent unidentified flying object (UFO) event takes place after the reported display of “non-human” extraterrestrial corpses to Mexican lawmakers at the nation’s Congress this week.

A self-proclaimed UFO specialist asserted that the two small “bodies” were recovered from Cusco, Peru.

They were displayed in boxed windows in Mexico City on Wednesday, arousing enthusiasm among the UFO conspiracy theorist community.