Let’s Look at the PistenBully Snowplow That Ran Over Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner, the Marvel star, was helping his family member stuck in the snow by using a heavy-duty snowcat, which is not just a glorified lawn mower or a simple plow truck. According to police reports, this incident happened because the snow in Nevada County, Washoe, was heavy, and Renner sustained serious injuries while plowing the snow on his property last Sunday.

A PistenBully snowplow like the one that ran over Jeremy Renner
A PistenBully prepares a route with artificial snow | Sebastian Kahnert/picture alliance via Getty

Renner’s vehicle is an older PistenBully, most likely a cast-off from a government agency or ski resort. This snowplow is a mid-1980s model and is equipped with a 9.0-liter Isuzu diesel-electric engine, capable of producing over 600 horsepower. If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding on a slope or seen these monstrous vehicles grooming trails or clearing snow, you may be familiar with the German-built brand name PistenBully.

In the United States, Tucker produces the patented Sno Cat, whereas in Italy Prinoth also manufactures tracked snow groomers. Furthermore, in Utah LiteTrax manufactures personal tracked vehicles, albeit not for snow plowing.

What caused the snowplow to hit Jeremy Renner?

CNN informed Renner’s representative that he sustained “severe chest injuries and injuries to his bones and muscles.” Instead of successfully jumping into the PistenBully, the vehicle accidentally rolled over him. In an attempt to enter the snowplow, the 51-year-old actor hurried back, but unfortunately, it started moving downhill. Renner managed to release the vehicle by stepping out to assist his family members in leaving his residence. All this occurred while Renner was operating his PistenBully snow groomer.

That is the minimum you would anticipate from a 13,250-pound automobile.

A spokesperson from the sheriff’s department stated, “At this location, Mr. Renner was struck by a vehicle.” According to our inquiry, in an attempt to halt the moving PistenBully, Mr. Renner endeavored to reenter the driver’s position. Medical professionals performed surgery on him at a nearby hospital, to which he was transported by helicopter.

Renner has been sharing tweets and updates from his hospital bed, so the positive news is that he is recovering.

He penned, “Expressing gratitude to each and every one of you for your generous remarks. However, I extend my affection to all of you. Presently, I am too overwhelmed to articulate my thoughts.”

What is the reason for Renner owning a PistenBully snowplow?

PistenBully snowplow
PistenBully 600 snow groomers flatten snow on a ski run | Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty

Prior to the incident, Renner neglected to put the vehicle in park or shut it down for some unknown motive. However, Renner’s actions were justified, as he intended for the powerful machine to construct a track for his kids to sled on. Doesn’t it seem excessive? Therefore, what is Renner’s initial purpose for owning a snowcat?

The actor might have been crushed, as the tracks they had were narrower. Renner’s favor might have worked, spreading the weight of the vehicle out on the wider tracks of the snow groomer PistenBully, but the blades on the groomer still had a deadly appearance.

We hope the Hawkeye celebrity has a quick healing process.