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My Life Like a Movie

In the song “Low Down” by Lil Baby, he describes his life as being like a movie. He paints a picture of a lavish lifestyle where he doesn’t have to work for anything, but instead, he gives orders. He talks about how his life has become serious, with millions of dollars coming his way. Lil Baby emphasizes that he lives by his own morals and doesn’t keep things that he swipes, like Dora Explorer. He mentions being young and turned up, and having an abundance of women.

Wealth and Extravagance

Lil Baby boasts about his wealth and splurging on expensive things. He mentions his baby and his car, which cost two-fifty, indicating a price of $250,000. He boasts about having five million dollars in cash, just in case he needs it. He talks about his crew, stating that they are killers who can get away with their actions. Lil Baby claims that whatever happened, it was not intentional, implying that he may be involved in criminal activities.

Tired of Strippers, Going for Professionals

In this section, Lil Baby expresses his weariness of strippers and his preference for professionals like nurses, doctors, and dentists. He mentions being tired of the strippers and instead, he is going for those who have real careers. He talks about going after nurses, doctors, and dentists, indicating a desire for a different kind of relationship. Lil Baby asserts his authority and states that he finishes what he starts. He emphasizes the value of his word in his city and how people listen to him.

Asserting Individuality

Lil Baby takes pride in his individuality and asserts that he is different from other men. He states that he tells women no, and they listen, while insinuating that other men are sweeter than women. He emphasizes his uniqueness and how he distinguishes himself from others.

Low Down Lifestyle

Lil Baby talks about a woman who is trying to leave him, and he refers to himself as being low down. He warns others not to bring their significant others around him because he hangs out with savages, indicating a dangerous and criminal lifestyle. He mentions going bougie, meaning he is becoming more sophisticated and high-class. Lil Baby talks about switching his profile, possibly referring to changing his public image or persona. He adds that all of his cars are delivered with no miles, suggesting that he acquires brand new vehicles. He expresses his confusion about others thinking they are like him when they are not, and he doesn’t understand how they can be. Lil Baby talks about running through a load and needing to call his supplier for more drugs. He mentions putting on drip every day, meaning he dresses stylishly, and expresses frustration with his current situation, stating that he needs to pour some more alcohol.

Criminal Connections and Power

In this section, Lil Baby talks about his driver, whom he trusts and keeps on point to ensure their safety from anyone who might follow them. He mentions having a Glock, a type of handgun, with a powerful shot that can stop a truck. Lil Baby brags about having multiple sources of income, comparing it to the many arms of an octopus. He asserts that nobody can stop his team of players, indicating a powerful and unstoppable force. Lil Baby expresses a lack of concern for others who cross the line and states that they will be dealt with. He mentions causing trouble back in school and implies that he was involved in fights or violent incidents.

Raising Prices and Outrageous Bank Account

Lil Baby talks about his business ventures and raising prices. He mentions thinking that the prices were too high initially and then deciding to raise them even more. He boasts about his bank account, stating that it is getting outrageous with the amount of money he has accumulated. Lil Baby mentions the need to switch up his fragrance due to others smelling bad. He also talks about sending out shots or threats if someone gets too aggressive or crosses boundaries. He changes his route to his house for safety reasons. Lil Baby admits that he is still involved in the same activities, even though he sometimes forgets that he is famous.

Repetition of Low Down Lifestyle

This section repeats the chorus of the song, emphasizing Lil Baby’s low down nature and his association with savages. He reiterates the warning not to bring significant others around him. Lil Baby talks about going bougie and switching his profile, indicating his desire for a more luxurious lifestyle. He mentions his cars being delivered with no miles and the need for more drugs. He expresses his frustration and dissatisfaction, stating the need to pour more alcohol to cope.


The song “Low Down” by Lil Baby provides a glimpse into his extravagant and sometimes dangerous lifestyle. He portrays himself as someone who lives by his own rules and doesn’t shy away from criminal activities. Lil Baby boasts about his wealth, expensive possessions, and influence in his city. He expresses a weariness of strippers and a preference for professionals. The song’s repetitive chorus emphasizes his low down nature and association with savages. Overall, the lyrics paint a picture of a life filled with wealth, power, and a disregard for traditional norms and values.

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