Lisa Marie Presley says final goodbye to tragic son Benjamin Keough at ‘very private’ funeral after he took his own life

Exclusively disclosed by The Sun, Lisa Marie Presley bid her last farewell to her son Benjamin Keough at a sorrowful private ceremony in Malibu.

The tragic 27-year-old, who shot and killed himself at the family’s Calabasas home on July 12, was celebrated with an “emotional” service.

Tragic Benjamin Keough was incredibly close to sister RileyCredit: Refer to Caption
Lisa Marie Presley was seen with Ben’s girlfriend, Diana Pinto, after his deathCredit: 4CRNS / BACKGRID For The US Sun

“They had a strong bond, currently Riley is struggling to deal with the situation, especially since the entire family has been deeply affected in Riley’s situation. The day was filled with intense emotions,” a source informed The Sun.

“However, everyone made their utmost effort to unite and commemorate Ben’s life and recall how he deeply impacted numerous hearts.

Finding a location appropriate due to the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenge for Lisa, and for those who truly understood Ben, it was an extremely intimate ceremony.

“The relatives assembled prior to the memorial service and then proceeded to the location, which was exquisitely adorned with cherry blossoms.

Ben was often compared to his famous grandfather as they looked alike with piercing blue eyesCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Lisa Marie struggled to find a venue to host her son’s funeralCredit: Instagram

“But his grandfather was also showcased at Graceland, which startled certain attendees given the circumstances of his passing. Ben was positioned in an exposed coffin adorned in a stylish ensemble,” the informant included.

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Elvis, who died in August 1977 after a heart attack following years of prescription drug abuse, was buried in the Meditation Garden at his mansion Graceland in Memphis.

Despite their “rocky” relationship, Priscilla’s mom, Lisa, is believed to have also extended an olive branch by inviting her half-brother, Garibaldi Navarone, to a major role at the service.

Elvsis’s only daughter, Lisa Marie, has been left devastated by her son’s sudden deathCredit: Splash News

Lockwood did not attend Michael’s father, but their mother, Harper and Finley, who were 11 years old, twin daughters of Lisa Marie, ahead of the couple’s next month’s trial for their nasty custody battle.

Today, my brother, Trevor Lukather, and I shared a photograph of the two of us together on the day of Ben’s funeral, in honor of my best friend and guitar player. It was a moment that was never dull.

Diana Pinto, who allegedly was celebrating her birthday at her home on the night of his death, has been spending time with Lisa, Ben’s heartbroken girlfriend, since the tragic incident.

Ben’s best friend Trevor posted about his funeral on SundayCredit: Instagram

Reportedly, he spent hours alone in a bathroom at his property, struggling with long-standing mental health issues before deciding to end his life.

New location just minutes away. The rented house, which is deemed uninhabitable due to mold, has forced the daughter to seek refuge in a hotel in Beverly Hills. However, she has now discovered a more suitable option nearby.

“According to a close source exclusively told to The Sun, Lisa is feeling extremely distressed and has no desire to relive that morning again. They have already been dealing with the problem concerning the mold and Lisa has no intention of returning.”

“And she has currently discovered a place, commuting to the house solely to organize matters, she had been searching for a lease while residing at the hotel.”

They navigate this awful time in their lives as they privately grieve, while also holding space for their family, making sure it’s the right place to heal.