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Alexa Young, New Jersey.

“I am a member of Cigna express scripts. I currently have 13 prescriptions and take 20 pills a day. I use LomyRx to find pharmacies that have my prescriptions when I need them. I started using LomyRx when I went to CVS one day and they didn’t have my prescription. They sent me to another CVS 20minutes away but with limited mobility, I couldn’t go. That’s when my daughter found LomyRx and I’ve been using it since.”

Lakeisha Morgan, New York.

“In most cases I use LomyRx when my doctor asks me what my preferred pharmacy is so he can send my prescription there. I ask him for the name of my prescription and then I look up on LomyRx to see which nearby pharmacy currently has it. Then I ask my doctor to send it here. I don’t understand how come doctors’ offices don’t know whether the pharmacy where they are sending your scripts actually has it in stock. Isn;t this something they should know?”

Lisa from Denver, Pennsylvania.

“My 18 months old was sick one Sunday night. I took him to a Pediatric Urgent Care. Because most pharmacies were closed, the doctor sent the prescription to a nearby Walgreens. My husband and I got there but they did not have it in stock. We call multiple pharmacies and still couldn’t find it. Then my husband found LomyRx online and in less than a minute, we found a small local pharmacy that had our prescription. What a life saver!”

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“what pharmacy has adderall in stock near me?”

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