Long Dong Silver, Utah: A Hilariously Named Hike Off of Highway 24

Long Dong Silver, Utah: A Hilariously Titled Hike Off of Highway 24 was initially released in 2023.

If you have been following my posts on Utah, you may recall that I suggested making a hike to Silver Dong Long, while my family and I were cruising in our car, overlooking the moonscape and taking photos of the sunset and sunrise. I decided to go on this hike when we were traveling along Highway 24 in Utah during my springtime road trip, as I had previously visited this area about 10 years ago. How about revisiting it? Let’s give it a call!

Naturally, with a comical moniker such as Long Dong Silver, I couldn’t resist and knew I had to pay a visit.

I am currently working in the area where Silver Dong Long is referred to as a spire, and I am trying to figure out what my role is in terms of mobile data. However, I don’t have access to a lot of online information.

I had found some GPS coordinates on where to park and begin the hike from and headed that way in the afternoon.

🤣 Referring to the fact that I am not a fan of the Lord of the Rings, people have told me that walking straight through “Mordor!” Feels like what you’ll experience. “Yup,” said those who informed me about it. The surrounding scenery of Silver Dong Long is quite surreal and striking.

In the valley, where Long Dong Silver stands tall, I would assume it bears a remarkable resemblance to the landscape of middle earth. He is discreetly hidden from sight along Highway 24, locating Long Dong Silver was not a difficult task.

I noticed its peak and what appeared to be the towering spire, resembling the Long Dong Silver Spire, by analyzing the surrounding landscape. This discovery came after spending some time studying the satellite image of the area on Google Maps.

In this quick hiking guide to Silver Dong Long, you’ll find all the information you need to know before visiting yourself, including handy GPS coordinates.

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The breathtaking vistas of the Long Dong Silver Spire can be experienced at sunrise or sunset, much like the numerous other hidden gems scattered along Highway 24, in my opinion, for optimal illumination.

The hike I did early in May was quite windy, and it wasn’t too hot since it was around 2 pm in the afternoon. Later, I ended up walking up to Silver Dong Long, and I was amazed at how my day turned out.

As the temperatures are exceedingly high and the sun is intense, it is advisable to avoid the Long Dong Silver Hike during summer as there is no shelter along the way.

How to Reach the Beginning of the Long Dong Silver Hike

Long Dong Silver, Utah

In order to shorten the hike, you can either venture deeper into the valley or start the hike from Highway 24. I discovered a few alternatives to reach Long Dong Silver.

The Lengthier Path to Long Dong Silver

Adjacent to the highway, there exists a designated area for parking and Long Dong Silver is situated slightly concealed from Highway 24.

You can easily locate and get routed to your mapping app by punching in the coordinates (38.369585, -110.843570). The pull-off is approximately 7.6 miles west of Hanksville..

From this resting area, it’s approximately a 2 mile stroll.

The Faster Way to Long Dong Silver

Unfortunately, I forgot to mark this point on my GPS, but the signs clearly state that motor vehicles are not allowed beyond this point. Before reaching the signs, you can either pull off at the mentioned mile or continue along the rough tracks leading from the above-mentioned pull-off.

Commuting to this location can reduce approximately half of the distance, therefore if you prefer to minimize the walking distance, the stroll to Long Dong Silver from these markers is merely around 1 mile.

The Trek to Long Dong Silver

Long Dong Silver, Utah

The trek to Long Dong Silver is more like a leisurely walk than anything else as you’ll be strolling along a valley.

Despite not being allowed to drive beyond a certain point, I would suggest sticking to the well-trodden tracks for ease of walking. The floor of the valley is made up of loose, dusty clay, which could cause the tires to slip.

If you start from the pull-off on Highway 4.2, each mile will be a 2.1 mile walk to Spire Silver Dong Long. You will need to drive until you see those signs.

The GPS coordinates of Long Dong Silver are: (38.393828, -110.832310).

Where to Accommodate in the Vicinity of Long Dong Silver

Goblin Valley., which is located in close proximity, has established camping sites in similar locations. BLM territory covers a significant portion of this region, thus offering abundant opportunities for free camping near Long Dong Silver.

If you’re looking to stay in Hanksville., the only place I could find online was the nearby Whispering Sands Hotel.

If you’re interested in having more choices and don’t mind being a little farther from Long Dong Silver, you can explore the lodges located in Torrey, which is situated on the opposite side of Capitol Reef National Park..

Useful Advice to Consider Prior to Your Trip to Long Dong Silver

  • Don’t forget to carry sunscreen: The sun gets extremely intense in this region in the middle of the day and there is no protection accessible.
  • Remember to bring water: It can get quite hot in this area, so ensure you have some with you.
  • Obtain a map that is available for use without an internet connection: Additionally, you may consider carrying a GPS device to aid you in navigating to Long Dong Silver.
  • Make sure to use the restroom before leaving and make sure to bring all your belongings with you, as there are no amenities available here.
  • If it has recently rained and you don’t have a 4WD, it seems like the clay of the valley could turn into a giant mess. Even if you are willing to get stuck, don’t drive beyond the pull-off.
  • If you intend to scale it, make sure to carry your equipment along when visiting Long Dong Silver Spire, as it is a popular spot for avid rock climbers. You have the opportunity to engage in rock climbing activities.
  • Take proper precautions with the electronics you bring due to the dust stirred up by the wind. The day was exceptionally blustery, with powerful gusts, so I decided against it: I would have been thrilled to capture aerial footage of Long Dong Silver with my drone, but the wind can be quite intense.
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  • Factory Butte.
  • Bentonite Hills.
  • Hanksville.
  • Cathedral Valley.
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  • Goblin Valley.
  • Capitol Reef National Park.
  • Do you have any inquiries about hiking to Long Dong Silver?

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