Los aeropuertos más grandes del mundo (y de Europa)

There are even truly extravagant airports with very exclusive and distinctive services, such as interior waterfalls and gardens, luxury restaurants, pools to pass the time, and even some with waves for surfing. But of course, not all airports are the same, as some were built really huge and are larger than many cities in our country.

Lo que está claro, es que si tienes que hacer una escala en alguno de estos, deberás acudir con mucha más antelación.

Aeropuertos por superficie, volumen y pasajeros

Aeropuerto Rey Fahd

Este aeropuerto en Arabia Saudí es literalmente una ‘obra de arte’ además de ser el aeropuerto más grande del mundo en cuanto a superficie hábil.

This airport, which is ranked third in terms of passenger volume in the country, has a total area of 776 square kilometers, making it larger than Madrid’s total surface area. It is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

Only 5% of the airport is dedicated to the main commercial flight terminal, while the majority of it is restricted. Additionally, within the airport premises, there is a special terminal exclusively reserved for the royal family and important individuals, as well as greenhouses and even a complex of mosques. This serves as an illustration.

Aeropuerto internacional de Pekin-Daxing

Para todos los amantes de la arquitectura, el recién estrenado aeropuerto de Pekín es uno de los aeropuertos más grandes del mundo y de los más magistrales hasta la fecha.

Military and commercial use are intended for 8, 9 tracks that have less and more nothing else. In the world’s largest terminal, it will not win on the surface.

In a few years, the Pekin-Daxing airport is expected to become the busiest in the world. It was inaugurated in 2019, although currently it doesn’t even reach 1/10 of its maximum capacity of up to 200 million passengers per year. It serves as China’s main airport, covering 700,000 square meters. Its construction was prompted by the complete collapse of the capital’s international airport.

It is typical for a garden to maintain Chinese culture for its visitors. It can be expected that the airport is also so modern and up-to-date, with all the technology.

Aeropuerto de Mirabel en Montreal

Built a year before the Olympic Games, in order to accommodate and serve the countless visitors and athletes, it is Canada’s largest airport with nearly 400 square kilometers of surface area. It was inaugurated in 1975.

The airport role as exclusively remaining for flight passengers and the public closed definitively. Toronto’s airport was gradually replaced, becoming one of Canada’s main airports, which is a great example of decline and growth.

Aeropuerto de Shangai Pudong

Shanghái abrió una nueva terminal y puede presumir de ser una de las más espectaculares.

The Chinese airlines are important, and their base of operations is also important. They have a maximum capacity of 75 million passengers and an annual capacity of almost 60 million square kilometers. It is also important to note that it has three terminals. Additionally, it has a significant amount of commercial flights to hundreds of cities. The most important airport in Shanghai is one of the main bases for global trade.

Aeropuerto Internacional de Ezeiza, Buenos Aires

The capitals of Argentina, the entirety of which covers in addition. Passengers and commercial level to, Lima and Sao Paulo Santiago, among their important connections are made. Square kilometers 35 almost with South America and Argentina as the entrance, it can be presumed to be connected to 5 continents, this great airport.

Los aeropuertos más grandes de EEUU

Aeropuerto de Denver

In the nation, it ranks among the top five airports in terms of user traffic. Moreover, it boasts the United States’ lengthiest runway, measuring 4,876 meters. At present, it is the second largest airport in terms of size and area, covering an impressive 137 square kilometers.

Aeropuerto de Dallas

Dallas puede presumir de tener todo un gigante de los aeropuertos.

It is highly likely that you have a connection here, being one of the hubs of American Airlines and American Eagle. And the third largest in the world, it is the second largest in the United States. In addition to receiving nearly 75 million passengers per year, with an area of 73 square kilometers, it is one of the most significant.

The capital city of the United States, Washington D.C., Currently has a total of 52 square kilometers and 4 terminals. Additionally, we have Dulles Airport, which was inaugurated in 1962 and is considered one of the most important airports in America.

The one in Kansas City, the George Bush in Houston, and the one in Pittsburgh are the largest American airports, spanning over 35 and 40 square kilometers and serving more than 10 million passengers annually.

Aeropuerto Hartfield de Jackson

With a massive 13,800 hectares extension, it also possesses a total of 6 dual landing runways (for instance, Barajas has 2 for its 4 terminals). Moreover, it functions as the operational headquarters for Delta Airlines, the foremost airline in North America and the largest globally. Additionally, it features an astonishing 192 boarding gates. Nevertheless, its triumph lies in the fact that it presently holds the title of the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger volume, with over 275,000 daily travelers. In reality, it has even achieved an astounding annual service of 100 million, the maximum capacity of the previous airport.

Aeropuerto Internacional de Orlando

This airport simulates a resort on the coast of Florida, which is an important point for making scales of the Caribbean and the country. It is very common to fly to Orlando, whether it is to visit any Caribbean destination or to experience its impressive park attractions, with a volume of over 40 million passengers and 5 double tracks, covering an area of 54 square kilometers.

Sanford-Orlando, which is also huge in terms of passenger volume and within the top 30, operates another airport in the city nearby.

Los aeropuertos más grandes de Europa

Aeropuerto de Londres-Heathrow

El aeropuerto más impresionante de Europa está en Londres y casi seguro que lo has visitado 😉

Europe’s largest and most modern airport is without a doubt. With an annual volume of nearly 100 million passengers, its passenger volume is spectacular. It boasts being one of the best in the world in terms of modernity and technology, as it has recently been built with 5 terminals. Additionally, it is the most important airport for flight connections between America, Asia, and Europe.

Aeropuerto de Charles Le Gaulle

¡El aeropuerto de París es todo un espectáculo!

Air France and Fedex, along with Delta, have their headquarters in Europe. It is situated in the metropolitan region of the French capital and spans across an area of 32 square kilometers. Thanks to the multitude of connecting flights between America or Asia and Paris, it holds the utmost significance as an airport in Paris and is the second most bustling in Europe when it comes to the number of passengers, accommodating a staggering 65 million passengers. Its inauguration took place in 1974.

Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas

El aeropuerto de Madrid es el más grande de España a nivel Cargo y vuelos comerciales.

Iberia exclusively operates in almost every country, with the T-4 being the most modern terminal. It has a total volume of 50 million passengers and covers 30 square kilometers, making it the most important airport in our country, not to mention the fact that it has two runways.

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