LSU student Madison Brooks hit, killed by car after rape, police say; 4 arrested

LSU student Madison Brooks hit, killed by car after rape, police say; 4 arrested


Police in Baton Rouge have arrested four individuals in connection with the alleged rape of 19-year-old Louisiana State University (LSU) student Madison Brooks, who was tragically killed when she was hit by a car earlier this month. The incident has shocked the community and raised concerns about safety and underage drinking near campus.

Details of the Incident

According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Madison Brooks was sexually assaulted before being dropped off at a subdivision. Tragically, she was struck by a car and killed in the early morning hours of January 16. The circumstances surrounding her death have prompted a thorough investigation.

Arrests Made

This week, the four individuals involved in the incident turned themselves in to the sheriff’s office. Three of them were booked into the parish prison on warrants, while a 17-year-old suspect was booked into Juvenile Detention. The suspects have been identified as Kaivon Deondre Washington, Casen John Carver, Everett Lee, and an unnamed 17-year-old juvenile.

Charges and Legal Representation

According to the affidavits, Washington and the 17-year-old suspect are accused of third-degree rape, while Carver and Lee are charged with being principals to the alleged crime. Attorneys representing the men have made statements defending their clients, claiming that the incident was not a crime but a tragedy. However, the legal system will determine the outcome of the case.

Medical and Toxicology Reports

Medical and toxicology reports issued by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office shed light on Madison Brooks’ condition at the time of the incident. The reports revealed that she had injuries consistent with sexual assault and her blood alcohol content was .319g%, nearly four times the legal limit to drive in Louisiana. Additionally, the reports indicated that she tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Surveillance Footage and Witness Testimony

Investigators reviewed videos from businesses in the surrounding area to gather evidence. The footage showed Madison Brooks arriving at a bar around 10 p.m. and leaving with the four men in a vehicle at approximately 2 a.m. The videos also captured interactions between Brooks and the 17-year-old suspect, including dancing and hugging. Witness testimony from the bar confirmed that Brooks appeared intoxicated and needed assistance to maintain her balance.

Statements from the Suspects

During the investigation, Casen John Carver provided a statement to the police. He claimed that he and his friends had consumed alcohol at the bar and had never met Madison Brooks prior to that night. Carver stated that Brooks was very unstable on her feet, unable to keep her balance, and had slurred speech when they left the bar. The affidavits also revealed that Carver told investigators that Kaivon Deondre Washington and the 17-year-old suspect had sexual encounters with the victim in the rear of the vehicle, while Carver and Everett Lee were in the front seats.

Timeline of Events

There was approximately a 50-minute gap between the suspects leaving the bar and the fatal crash. Tragically, Madison Brooks was transported to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries. The driver of the vehicle that struck Brooks has not been charged, as they immediately notified emergency personnel and showed no signs of impairment.

Bond and Custody

A judge has set bond for the three adult suspects. Casen John Carver’s bond was set at $50,000, and Everett Lee’s bond was set at $75,000. Both were released after bonding out. Kaivon Deondre Washington remains in jail on a $150,000 bond.

LSU President’s Statement

LSU President William F. Tate IV expressed his condolences for Madison Brooks’ death. He described her as an amazing young woman with limitless potential and stated that what happened to her was evil. President Tate also announced that LSU will develop an action plan to address underage drinking at establishments near campus and will actively work against any business that does not support efforts to create a safer environment for students.


The tragic death of Madison Brooks has sent shockwaves through the LSU community. As the investigation continues, the arrests made in connection with the alleged rape have raised important discussions about safety and the responsibility of businesses near campus. The legal system will determine the outcome of this case, and LSU is committed to taking measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.