Making it Work? Find Out If 90 Day Fiance’s Nicole is Living in Egypt or America: 2023 Update

After seeing an advertisement for a spiritual singles website, Nicole traveled to Egypt, where she met Mahmoud and immediately fell in love. They had a magical day together, exploring a fabric store in Mahmoud’s native Idaho.

In 2023, before the fashion designer explained their debut, my wife and I were laughing off the question of whether I should stay in Egypt if he asked me to marry him. I replied, “Yes, of course, I would really marry him if he asked me.”

Courtesy of Mahmoud El Sherbiny/Instagram

After returning to the United States, Nicole hopped on a plane just seven days later to return to Egypt to marry Mahmoud.

What Was the Reason Behind Nicole’s Departure from Egypt on 90 Day Fiance?

Nicole would later decide to return to the United States and within a week of getting married, she realized how distinct living in Egypt was.

Describing the situation in a different setting, the former 90 Day Fiancé participant expressed, “I was facing significant difficulties adapting to a new culture. I am unfamiliar with the local language and I am unable to operate a vehicle.” “At the time when I informed Mahmoud about my desire to end our marriage, we had been legally wedded for approximately 11 months.”

Has Nicole from 90 Day Fiance Relocated to Egypt?

In order to reconcile, Nicole made the decision that she still had feelings for him and desired to go back to Egypt, even though she had requested a formal separation from her spouse.

During the documented spinoff of season 4, Nicole returned to Egypt for a trip. At the warm reunion airport, they shared a pair. Mahmoud told his wife that her shirt was too small, which led to an argument.

The drama persisted during the episode on February 26, where the couple argued about residing with Mahmoud’s relatives.

Mahmoud insisted that he wanted to live with his family, so Nicole suggested that they find an apartment for just the two of them, noting that it would be like a new arrangement for their life here.

After finding a friendship at a women’s only meditation class, her new acquaintance, Nouran, told her about the “two sides of Cairo.”.

The meditation instructor explained, “As a Muslim in Egypt, we can still have the same life as an American, we can dance, we can drink, we can go to bars, most of my friends are not covered.” “There are conservative areas and open-minded areas, you know, the extremely conservative ones and the more liberal ones.”

This is extremely common. He never accepts her, but you know. Then she changes herself to fit in with him and they go on a date. The girl and the men also connected over their shared experience of dating Egyptian.

Nicole thought it would be a good idea to square off immediately when they met up for dinner, however, Mahmoud was talking to Nouran.

Nicole described the situation, stating, “However, there was no trace of that. It was solely a conflict. It’s truly fascinating. And slightly unnerving.” Typically, you begin without much familiarity, there is a small amount of casual conversation, like saying, ‘Oh hello, how are you?’

Producers informed him, “Regardless of whether you agree or not, you must have faith in it and these principles are accurate [sic].” He expressed to others, “Because, for instance, if you follow the Muslim faith, you are expected to adhere to all the guidelines, and I dislike it when individuals selectively choose the aspects they prefer and discard the ones they dislike [sic].” Mahmoud referred to Nouran as “the most unpleasant girl” he had encountered in his life during a confidential confession.

Nicole further spoke about her difficult adjustment to life in Egypt in a special tell-all clip teaser shared by Tonight Entertainment.

When they reach an appropriate age, they will eventually have the liberty to select their own faith, but she mentioned that they plan to bring up their forthcoming offspring as a follower of Islam. Mahmoud instructs her on what attire to don, and she confessed that it makes her feel uneasy.

Which Country Does Nicole from 90 Day Fiance Reside in, Egypt or America?

While her struggles with cultural shock are currently playing out on screen, Nicole is still seemingly living in Egypt with her husband.

After Mahmoud asked a fan to comment on the section in which they lived in Egypt, Nicole posted a selfie alongside him on Instagram in March 2023.

“We reside in Giza,” Nicole penned.

On March 15, 2023, she confirmed that she is still living abroad, sharing a photo of pelicans at Zoo Giza on Instagram.

Fans will have to tune into 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way to find out how Nicole and Mahmoud’s relationship plays out.